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Festival Preview: Liverpool Sound City 2015 Part 1

Liverpool Sound City 2015 This year’s Liverpool Sound City is going to be entirely different to anything that has taken past in their 7 year history this time it’s a little less City, a little more Docks. As they began to out grow their city centre shackles a move was imminent and the Sound City … Continue reading

model aeroplanes

Just Listen: Model Aeroplanes – Deep In The Pool

Model Aeroplanes Listen to Deep In The Pool here: Model Aeroplanes have smashed it out of the ball park yet again with latest track Deep In The Pool. It’s pure sunshine fun in 3.24 minutes. The funky bassline  totally kicks ass, the jangly guitars make my shoulders dance around and well, it’s one of the … Continue reading


Just Listen: Powers – Beat Of My Drum

Powers Listen to Beat Of My Drum here: Admittedly Beat Of My Drum almost never made the cut but then the chorus kicked in and slowly but surely I was pulled in to this poptastic disco party and I danced. Boy did I dance. Hands in the air, my shoes couldn’t help it, they were … Continue reading

max and the moon

Just Listen: Max And The Moon – Actor

Max And The Moon Listen to Actor here: Max And The Moon return with their new pop infused track Actor. With a clear story to be had it’s a pretty easy song to fling yourself around to as well as sing along to. Some sweet riffs and melodies thrown in to the mix too. Find … Continue reading

louis berry

Just Listen: Louis Berry – 25 Reasons

Louis Berry Listen to 25 Reasons here: Following on from his debut offering, .45, and winning the coveted one to watch for 2015 award at this year’s GIT Awards in his hometown Liverpool, Louis Berry shares his latest track, 25 Reasons. As before, his track is a bounding rock n roll romp, relentless in it’s … Continue reading


Just Listen: Adira – Falling

Adira Listen to Falling here: A #SoundCloudStumble lead me to fall in love with Adira’s track Falling. It is a sweepingly romantic and dramatic rise and fall. With violins and piano against the build up toward the end is as wholeheartedly passionate as it’s crescendo. Vocally Adira has a pretty impressive range and a voice … Continue reading

lying bastards

Introducing: Lying B*st*rds – Head To Tokyo

Lying B*st*rds They are probably one of Liverpool’s newest and most exciting bands and Lying B*st*ards deliver all of the required ingredients for bringing some magical lofi to the party.  They also mange to just take it just off kilter, adding some seriously funky bass. There’s not much to be found on these guys if … Continue reading


Interview: Scarlet

Scarlet Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Picture the scene: you are in an up-and-coming rock band preparing to release your EP with a big gig in your hometown (ish) the next night. Do you: 1. Chill out with friends and family and relax? 2. Get the band into the studio and run through tomorrow’s … Continue reading

the maccabees

Live Review: The Maccabees – Manchester

The Maccabees Manchester, Ritz, 13th May 2015 The Maccabees have been kind to the North West lately. We’ve had two gigs – a special one off show in Liverpool toward the end of 2014 and now this show, as part of their pre-album release tour. I’m so pleased to have been able to make it … Continue reading

full of keys

Just Listen: Full Of Keys – Strike The Lightning

Full Of Keys Listen to Strike The Lightening here: Some people are just inherently good at what they do, as though they were born to do nothing else. I feel like Sweden’s Anni Bernhard, AKA Full Of Keys, was born to do this and a life time of hard work and passion seeps through my … Continue reading


Free Track: Flor – Unsaid

Flor Listen to and download Unsaid here: Saying you have favourite bands is a bit like picking your favourite child, apparently, but quite frankly if a band consistently delivers songs that drive me crazy with excitement then screw it I’ll happily label them a favourite. Flor are fast becoming one of these bands. Unsaid is … Continue reading

jake morley

Video Premiere – Jake Morley – Ghostess (Sofar Sounds Session)

Jake Morley The lovely people at Sofar Sounds always have some prettty amazing acts come to perform at people’s homes and at unusual locations.  They’ve been pretty damn ace and offered us up and exclusive preview of one of our fave tracks to share with you. Ghostess by Jake Morley is the session in question … Continue reading


Just Listen: Clay – Oxygen

Clay Listen to Oxygen here: Clay’s latest track Oxygen manages to just about veer on the right side of indie when it could very easily be one step too far into the world of sugar coated pop. They reign it in keeping the disco vibes fresh and it all just seems like it’s a breeze … Continue reading

hooton tennis club

Just Listen: Hooton Tennis Club – Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair

Hooton Tennis Club Listen to Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favourite Chair here: I have to say that I am completely bemused by this song, and at times this band, but they are so much fun. In any case who says that songs have to have anything to do with their title? I … Continue reading

family friends

Just Listen: Family Friends – On Your Mind

Family Friends Listen to On Your Mind here: On Your Mind is the debut track from newcomers Family Friends. The track is laden with that truly indulgent 90s grunge sound; almost lazy vocals, hazy in delivery and with an edge of promise and then to add to it, it’s swathed in swirls of melodious guitar, … Continue reading


Just Listen: Beach Baby – No Mind No Money

Beach Baby Listen to No Mind No Money here: If ever there was a band name that perfectly summed up the sounds of the music they made its surely must be Beach Baby. Their new single No Mind No Money has sundrenched surf pop splashed wildly all over it. Really. Even on a freezing cold … Continue reading

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