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Interview: Blossoms

Blossoms Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones When you get a text message asking if you want to meet one of the brightest hopes in the British music scene, the answer is always yes. When you’re given the chance to interview and photograph them, the answer is YES (followed by a deep breath to stop … Continue reading

Arctic Lake

Festival Review: Beat Herder 2015

Beat Herder 17-19 July 2015 With little more than a few friends ranting and raving about this festival I have seen very little about it at all, which is surprising. The reason I say it’s surprising is because it’s easily one of the best festivals I have been to in a long while and yet … Continue reading

young tide

Video Premiere: Young Tide – NSFW

Young Tide The first time I heard NSFW by Young Tide I had to stop and check what I was listening to. They’re so much like early Everything Everything and I know I have already said this when we posted the track but it’s still there and it’s still one of the reasons I love … Continue reading


Live Review: Fictonian – London

Fictonian  St Pancras Old Church London, 16th July 2015  Words: Lauren Grigor Fictonian opens to a great reception from the crowd, yet seems a little withdrawn. The venue could be a tricky one as there are church pews where people are sitting relaxed and arm in arm. The energy is chilled out and him and … Continue reading

anieshi pearl

Video Exclusive: Anieshi Pearl – Lifeless

Anieshi Pearl Hailing from Northampton Anieshi Pearl is a singer songwriter with more than just an ability to pen a pretty tune. Her latest offering, Lifeless, presents a dark world with haunting vocals that transcend the depths and give life to the shadows. The video, for which she has kindly offered us the exclusive for, … Continue reading

foals 2015

Just Listen: Foals – Mountain At My Gates

Foals Listen to Mountain At My Gates here: Foals have announced their new single is to be Mountain At My Gates. The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming new album, What Went Down, which is out on 28th August 2015. Mountain At My Gates sees Foals once again revisit a little of their rocker … Continue reading


Just Listen: D.I.D – Fast Food

D.I.D Listen to Fast Food here: I get a little bit hooked on D.I.D it must be said, their last track Hotel, has become an absolute staple in my playlist diet.  There’s just something they manage to bring to the table that sets something in me on fire. I think it’s the little drops of … Continue reading


Just Listen: XYLO – Afterlife [Explicit]

XYLO Listen to Afterlife here: Afterlife is the new single from XYLO and it’s a pretty dark affair. It’s a song that takes a look at how the portrayal of beauty and how we feel like we can’t be loved unless we look a certain way or unless we are celebrities. It is, on the … Continue reading


Just Listen: Slow Turismo – I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up

Slow Turismo Listen to I Sit Down As Soon As I Get Up here: This is a real slow burner of a track but it’s packed with so many musical components that make me happy that I don’t mind that I had to give it those few extra listens to really let it sink in. … Continue reading

lost tuesday society crop

Track Exclusive: Lost Tuesday Society – Constant State Of

Lost Tuesday Society With a real mellow flow Swansea’s Lost Tuesday Society cast the net wide with new track Constant State Of and reel you right in. Soft and enticing vocals are only a small part of the magic this band weave on this track. The guitars also play their part, dancing lightly, flickers of … Continue reading


EP Review: Oakland – Into The Sea

Into The Sea Released July 17th Words: Gary Feeney One of the great things about record shops is the occasional urge to buy something you’ve never heard of on impulse: whether you like the artwork or whether the name merely reminds you of something else, it’s essentially a random selection. Such purchases inevitably have mixed … Continue reading

kendal calling 15 poster

Festival Preview: Kendal Calling

Kendal Calling 2015 Words: Gary Lambert This year celebrates the tenth birthday of the annual uniting of the musical clans of the north of England that is Kendal Calling. To make it even more special old friends and indie legends James have been invited along to open on the Thursday night and make it a … Continue reading

Little May - Credit_[McLean Stephenson] web

Just Watch: Little May – Home

Little May Watch the video for Home here: Australian band Little May create more magic with their new single Home. I love this band because they always manage to blend a little darkness with quite a lot of sweetness and this is no exception. The vocal here is at it’s least sweet but still has … Continue reading

holy holy

Just Watch: Holy Holy – Sentimental And Monday

Holy Holy Watch the video for Sentimental And Monday here: Holy Holy follow up from their mammoth last single You Cannot Call For Love Like A Dog with this beautifully brooding new single Sentimental And Monday. Delicate guitar melodies sit on top of huge swirls of guitars, all filled with a light and space, soaring … Continue reading


Album Review: Tame Impala – Currents

Currents Released  20th July 2015 Words: Nick Jacques My aim of this review is to try and not be too bias as I am a bit of big fan of the psych genius, ozzy brain child that is Kevin Parker. From when I first heard Innerspeaker, their debut album, no one had really heard of … Continue reading

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