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Just Watch: Katie And I – Wolves (Live)

Katie And I With the simplicity of two voices and one piano Katie And I manage to create one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in such a long time. With the most delicate graceful movement the track builds in passion through the outpouring of emotion that is carried in the vocal. The … Continue reading

saint sister madrid

EP Review: Saint Sister – Madrid

Madird Released 13th November Words: Nick Jaques Saint Sister come in the form of Morgan Macintyre and Gemma Doherty. They seamlessly blend a variety of folk-roots influences, most notably celtic with a modern twist of electronica. In short space of time, Saint Sister have managed to already support well established artists such as Will Butler … Continue reading

fickle friends

Just Watch: Fickle Friends – Say No More

Fickle Friends Watch the video for Say No More here: This isn’t the first time we’ve shared this track, no siree it’s not. You can find it at the end of our Fickle Friend’s interview! But the release of this video does give us the opportunity to write about one of our favourite bands again … Continue reading

Tour Bus Playlist: Communion New Faces Tour

Communion New Faces Tour The next instalment of Communion’s New Faces tour staring Seafret, Dan Owens, Flyte, and Jack Watts  is about to begin this Thursday at the Ruby Lounge in Manchester. We caught up with the guys and asked them to hit us up with a few of their current tour bus faves while … Continue reading


EP Review: Berne – Conversation

Conversation Released 13th November 2015 Words: Siôn Ford From what brief reading I’ve managed to do Online in preparation for this piece, it doesn’t appear as though Berne has been on the scene for particularly long – there was a single released in 2012, but this  EP, Conversation, looks to be her first record. Already … Continue reading

graces ep1

EP Review: Graces – EP1

EP1 Words: Julia Grantham There are five tracks on EP1 by Graces, maybe one more than I was expecting, no bad thing of course. I love the simplicity of a single word for each title, as is the case here. The first: Hepburn, is ambiguous in itself but eludes to Audrey Hepburn, and mentions her … Continue reading


Just Listen: Wild – Haunted Heart

Wild Listen to Haunted Heart here: I’m not even entirely sure how I came to learn about LA band Wild. I kept their last single to myself, because sometimes I do that but now, now I need to share. I feel compelled to share. That’s my job, to share the music that really excites me … Continue reading

lucy rose 2015-a-lo9RsIX0CxQcocPYFboygEcY25Ephv3XWrkHejopAZXilQ27BFvIrYxpqs0kabGavcE6hclTKp0syA6Z4FwI_G8r7Mf5NiBUKqwem2Ros8ZTALtbBJZ_x0o1hfEc=s0-d-e1-ft

Live Review: Lucy Rose – Liverpool

Lucy Rose Liverpool o2 Academy 2, 7th November 2015 Words: Daryl  Wafer I could barely see the tiny English Rose as she stepped out on stage at Liverpool’s 02 Academy on Saturday night. My eyes peering through the fighting bodies all wanting the best view of Miss Lucy Rose. I had watched her videos online … Continue reading

lmw 15 poster

Live Review: Liverpool Music Week Closing Party

Liverpool Music Week Closing Party Camp and Furnace/Blade Factory, Liverpool, October 31st 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones There ain’t no party like a Liverpool Music Week Closing Party. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as well as an S Club Party, but whereas S Club would be a McDonald’s Birthday Party where the … Continue reading

the baltic states london copyright nathalie saleh

Live Review: Baltic States – London

The Baltic States The Social, London, 7th November 2015 Words: Nick Jaques Photos: Nathalie Saleh What can I say about the Baltic States? Within the past month or so this band have really left an impression on me. I was lucky enough to witness them at the world famous Studio 2 venue on Parr Street … Continue reading

Coquin Migale

Just Listen: Coquin Migale – LUV

Coquin Migale Listen to Luv here: I’ve done it again sorry – sat on a track that I totally love but could never remember who it was buy. Now I’m not even sure how to say this band’s name out loud, Coquin Migale, for fear of getting it wrong and looking foolish but I digress. Luv … Continue reading

sundara karma copyright gaz jones

Live Review: Sundara Karma – Liverpool

Sundara Karma The Magnet, Liverpool, November 4th 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones The Night Café hit off from the starting blocks hard, but a few blasts of feedback encouraged the band to calm down a touch. Whilst they never sound frenzied, there is a tight sharpness to their playing which hints at a … Continue reading

the vryll society pangea

EP Review: The Vryll Society – Pangea

Pangea Released 26th October 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Pangea is the latest release from the most spine tingling band on the Liverpool music scene, and a band who Blossoms described to Popped Music as “the best band in Britain at the moment” back in July.  The Vryll Society musically occupy a position more towards A … Continue reading

psych fest

Festival Review: Liverpool Psych Fest

Liverpool Psych Fest 25th-26th September 2015 Words: Gary Lambert Photos: Gaz Jones Welcome to the fourth Scouse of Love as The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia returned to its home at Camp and Furnace an expanded version of the previous year as is its wont. If you are expecting Top Shop plastic flower hair bands … Continue reading

luna rosa ep

EP Review: Luna Rosa – Luna Rosa

Luna Rosa Released November 7th 2015 Words: Siôn Ford Their name sounds pleasant enough, encouraging you down the misleading path of thinking Luna Rosa – translation “Pink Moon” – will be some nice-enough band; the truth is quite the opposite. Hailing from Corby in Northamptonshire, the group actually specialise in a blue collar noise rock … Continue reading

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