Live Review: Anteros – London


Scala, London, April 9th 2019

Words: Geo Blackman
Photos: Abigal Harris

Scala, a well-known music venue in the heart of London. Hosting gigs to the likes of The Growlers, Genghar and Blossoms, it’s time for Anteros, it’s their time to shine.


saltwater sunBut first, the support acts start the night off – Saltwater Sun kicked off as they graced the stage. Multicoloured lights, blue hair and glitter was all it took for me to realise that this band weren’t messing around and they had some swagger and grace. It didn’t take much for me to get my groove on. Strutting across the stage, frontwoman Jen was feeling it, you  could tell as her confidence was radiant and she was glowing. Stunning vocals bounced from wall to wall, infecting people with her talent. To end their short set, they played their most recently released track ‘Blood’ which was BBC Introducing’s track of the week last week. This band are ones to watch, seriously.


redfacesA pint later, Red Faces took to the stage. Four, fun lads from Sheffield seemed excited to get started, they wasted no time and I can see why they didn’t. This was my first time seeing them and whilst they all seemed so charming, I couldn’t help but feel infatuated with their music and stage presence. The way they presented themselves was a delight to watch and made it so easy to enjoy and let loose. Despite a small and very witty blunder halfway through their set, Harry falling over was taken lightly, they laughed and carried on. And honestly, it’s lovely to see bands not taking things too seriously and just having fun on the stage. It’s where they feel most at home after all.


“Did anyone see Harry falling over by the way?”


anterosDead on 10pm and Anteros hit the stage. Laura was the centre of attention with her glitter caked face and her metallic dress which beamed bolts of light off of as she danced around the stage whilst greeting the crowd and jumping straight into ‘Drive On’. The atmosphere was electrifying and even though there were a few empty spaces in the venue, it gave people a better opportunity to go crazy for the four-piece Londoners.  Anteros classic, ‘Bonnie’ was the highlight of the show, by a mile.


“Sometimes it can get lonely being a girl on a stage” Laura states as she invites females only to the stage, for a planned invasion. She is a badass who is trying to conquer the music industry one day at a time and it’s working. The appreciation she shows for females and that there should be more handed a platform as there is so much talent to be found, shows how wonderful this band are.


Another classic to end a wonderful night was ‘Anteros’ and my word, there was a lot of love in the room. To the middle of the crowd, people were enjoying themselves as the bridge of the tune erupted which I could only describe as fireworks exploding into pretty colours on New Year’s Eve. To the left of me, Heather Baron-Gracie and Ciara Doran of Pale Waves rocking out and to the right of me, a couple having a sing-song together and that was the most beautiful thing.

Anteros sure know how to put a gig on and to make it mean something.


“We are Anteros, goodnight”


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