Interview: The K’s

Interview: The K’s

Words and Photography by Gary Lambert

The summer of 2019 is setting up to be a memorable one for The K’s. After successfully claiming a main stage set at the INmusic Festival in Croatia, the Earlstown boys are not just settling for that. They have now signed a deal with Alan McGee’s Creation23 record label; been on national television (Soccer AM); and been announced for loads of other festival dates.

When I met up with the lads on Mathew Street a couple of hours before they were awarded the INmusic Festival slot, they were in fine fettle and cautiously optimistic whilst not letting anything slip. “We are all buzzing at the moment, we are in a bit of a transition period let’s call it that we don’t know how much we can talk about. It’s all boring legal stuff stopping us. It’s boring as fuck to be honest. We have been waiting for about six months for it to all be sorted, and we are just dying to tell everybody. The gigs are going well, and we’ve got about three festivals announced with more to come. It’s just that you can’t say about the festivals until they make the announcement – so you have to make sure that you don’t mention the wrong one. We’ve definitely got Neighbourhood Weekender in Warrington and Kendal Calling announced so far. And Blackthorn and Highest Point too, I think.

“We might even have to get on one or two planes to festivals” I was told cagily. Since the interview, it has been announced that they are playing at the famous Exit Festival in Serbia (other acts on the festival include Tom Walker, The Cure and Greta van Fleet) where I think Sarajevo will go down well. Unlike when they play in Croatia where I’d be looking to replace Sarajevo with a Croatian town of a similar number of syllables. The lads haven’t played abroad before as The K’s, but Paddy (guitarist Ryan Breslin) has in another outfit. According to his band mates, Paddy is a bit of a “band slag” and will play for anybody “if they’re willing to pay for his holiday”.

Making sure that Paddy was not allowed to start plugging his other paymasters, I asked The K’s what bands they would recommend our readers check out. “Us, definitely us. We’ve got loads of stuff that nobody has heard yet, so we really do mean it. But as well as that Narrow Margin are a band who we have had playing with us a few times. We really like them. They’re good lads and good musicians. They definitely get the nod from us”. The inflection on good musicians definitely caught my ear at the time because it seemed like The K’s wanted to make sure that it was evident that the talent of Narrow Margin was the reason they were recommended.

Note: I listened to Oxford Road by Narrow Margin, and it is a load stomper. A good call by the gentlemen of Earlstown.

Throughout our brief chat and during their three song set later on in the evening, it was obvious that The K’s are an old fashioned, tight band of mates. In fact, the last of my notes on their set stated “a fucking band make no mistake”. I’ll stand by that.

Have a listen to Sarajevo by The K’s here
One Response to “Interview: The K’s”
  1. Nigel Tallinford says:

    They are OK – but all the songs sound the same, same type of vocal and expression.


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