Single Review: Friends – Mind Control

Mind Control

Released May 28th 2012

Well, where to start. This song hit me across the face like a wet fish and screamed waaaakke up and liiiisten! I love it when that happens so listen I did. With a cautious mix of disco, funk and indie, Friends manage to hit the nail on the head when it comes to getting the vibe right for 2012. It’s a mix that’s  been done before, but often, my ears at least, find it all wrong. Nope, not this time. The screeching punkish vocal versus that ever so 70s funk and disco sound really hits the button. I love the bell that hits not too subtly every now and then (first at 0.21 seconds) that just makes me see a big curly wig wearing dude grinning with a fake sparkle on his tooth.

This feels so fresh and to think I almost didn’t listen to it because it said “funk” and well truly and honestly we don’t really “do” funk, this kills it though! There’s something a little bit reminiscent of CSS or Bonde Do Role with a big dollop of Blondie thrown in (check out the Rapture-esque non rap toward the end). Well if the lyrics are anything to go by you can certainly say it was time for me to get my brainwashed and brainwashed I am.

Listen to Mind Control (radio edit) here:




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