Live Review: Communion Liverpool

Communion Liverpool: Collectors Club, Natalie McCool, Etches, Racing Glaciers, Amber Run

communion liverpool 1Kazimir, Liverpool 14th March 2014

It was Liverpool’s 1st Communion night and with one of our fave’s as the headline it would have been rude to miss it. Being the good new music lover that I am we ventured in early enough to catch even the 1st act on; Collectors Club. If you’re a fan of Vampire Weekend  then I’d almost guarantee that you’ll like this lot. They played a tight set and though the place wasn’t exactly busy they managed to encourage a gaggle of giggly people down to the front to dance – ever the sign of a good band working their crowd.

It had only been the day before seeing Natalie McCool that I’d had a conversation with a friend about how much I needed to be seeing her. As it turns out I happened to forget t hat she was even playing this. She worked the busier, but now mostly sat down, Kazimir crowd as best she could even encouraging them to be excited about the fact she’d worked with Suede’s Bernard Butler on the track Thin Air but no one seemed interested. Hipsters huh! She was incredible live and despite having a hard crowd in terms of getting them off their backsides they gave a raucous applause – as they should.

I was outside having a chat when Etches took to the stage and had to rush back inside. First impressions were that they were a bit Everything Everything, in fact last impressions were also this, a bit, but that’s not a bad comparison to have. For me their set took a while to grow and it wasn’t until the last two songs that I started to think, yes, yes I’m quite enjoying this now. The lower register of the lead vocalist isn’t necessarily as on point as I would have liked and at times he sounded flat but when he sang his mid to higher range he really caught my attention. Plus, any band who add a little cowbell here and there are always going to make me just a little bit happy.

racing glaciers communion liverpool

Racing Glaciers. Photo: popped music

Racing Glaciers were bloody ace. I could just leave it there for their review. They seemed to have attracted a small group of self proclaimed stalkers which was funny to watch as the singer seemed quite amused by this, especially when they proclaimed that their next song should be Animal – which in fact it was. Spooky. Now if you read here regularly then you’ll know how much I love a vocal harmony and boy oh boy do these guys have that. Not just that but they have a trumpet! I loved these guys, for me they were probably my find of the night.

photo: popped music

Amber Run. Photo: popped music

As great as it was to discover more music to love, I came here for one reason only: Amber Run. The guys seemed a little nervous on stage to start off with,  even proclaiming that they felt the pressure having followed some amazing bands (which was totally true of course). They’d needn’t have worried though as the crowd were a captive audience willing them on.

Amber Run haven’t actually played that many live shows, you could probably count them on both hands and a foot, so to be asked to headline Communion’s 1st show in Liverpool is a big deal. Add to that they are on a sold out tour with Kodaline you know these guys are going to be heading places (don’t forget we told you so ages ago!). Despite the nerves and a few inconsequential equipment hiccups they played a great set and their harmonies where just brilliant (for me one of the best things about them are their harmonies).
They had a group of fans down the front jumping and cheering, which for a new band with so few gigs under their belt was great to see. New track Spark sounded brilliant live and I was excited to hear it. I just hope I wasn’t so excited that they could hear it too! (I sang along loudly.)  This one is going to be “the” one I think – the song that really pushes them forward and the one that becomes a live favourite. They ended on Noah; an early release which their fans down front knew word for word and matched in enthusiasm to the band’s growing confidence. It was only a shame it had to end there. This band is brilliant and if they can keep their fans happy and gain a load more with each gig they play then I’m sure they’ll not even notice me when I say ” I told you so” when they become one of the best live bands in the UK. It will be a journey, and it will be a great one and this was just the start.

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