Live Review: Band Of Skulls – Liverpool

Band Of Skulls

o2 Academy, Liverpool, 5th November 2014
Copyright: Sakura

Copyright: Sakura

Tricky one this, for any band, 5th of November, when most of the population are huddled together in the freezing cold watching a verity of loud sparkly things light up the sky. After having been to a very poorly attended gig on Halloween I was a little concerned about how this show had done sales wise. I needn’t have worried though. Band Of Skulls have fans. They have good solid dependable fans and they came in their droves, choosing rock n roll over British history and I did the same. I positioned myself at the end of the barrier and awaited for my own loud and brightly lit show.

I don’t think Band Of Skulls are given enough credit. This show was of stadium sized proportions. It was quite simply electrifying. Here to promote their 3rd album Himalayan, released in March 2014, the three piece served up track after track of live perfection. The newer songs such as Brothers and Sisters, Himilayan and Hoochie Coochie intertwined masterfully with older songs and fan favourites.

Guitarist and singer Russell Marsden was, but an out reached, arm away from me as he flung himself ever closer to his adoring fans, his guitar sounds electrifying and played with total abandon. I was so close I could hear his almost uncontrollable “yeahs!” and groans escaping away from the mic, as he became ever more enveloped in the sounds and the trill of playing live.

Copyright: Sakura

Copyright: Sakura

This band isn’t supposed to have a frontman/frontwoman, as both Russell and bassist Emma Richardson share vocal duties and stunning harmonies. Yet live Emma seems to really take a back seat. She kept her rocking out solely to her side of the stage while Russell was busy working it. He used the whole stage, he engaged with direct eye contact and with his trademark flick of the hand, ever encouraging the crowd to sing louder, cheer louder and dance harder.

“We’re going to play as many of our songs for you as we can tonight Liverpool” Russell called to his band’s crowd and the room filled with a roar of cheers, roars, claps and whistles. And he was true to his word. Rather than draw things out or chat too much, the audience interaction between songs was short and sweet. There was little need for introductions to songs, by the time the first chords were played out everyone was up and ready to go. Even the newer tracks were welcomed as old friends. There’s no doubt though that songs such as SweetSour, I Know What I Am and Patterns really got the crowd going.

The crowd was noisy and full of love for the band but it wasn’t crazy. There was no jostling to be had no pushing or shoving no clambering to get to the front. People were content to stand, move around in their own little space and not bump into anyone else. I found this a little odd. The noise didn’t seem to mirror this apparent lack of frenzy. We, the crowd, clapped along, sang along and yelled out, we danced, but almost too respectfully so. I think Band Of Skulls deserved a little more quite frankly. They are a rock n roll band, they played an explosive set and they seemed happy with the crowd “you’re making us feel great Liverpool!” So why didn’t I feel it my side of the barrier? Perhaps after the carnage of Monday night’s Royal Blood show in the same venue  it all felt a little lacklustre in comparison. Only in terms of the crowd, certainly not in terms of the fantastic show the band put on. I only wish I could see it all again for it was the best fireworks night I could have asked for!

Band Of Skulls played:
copyright: popped music

copyright: popped music

Light Of The Morning
You’re Not Pretty
I Guess
Brothers & Sisters
Asleep At The Wheel
Blood10 Men
Death By Diamonds And Pearls
Devil Takes Care Of His Own
I Know What I Am

– – –
Cold Fame
Hoochie Coochie

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