Feature: Record Store Day 2015

record store day 2015Record Store Day 2015

Words: Nick Jacques

recordsNow I don’t want to get too sentimental about Record Store Day but I can’t help it! I remember my first RSD (it was only last year) but never have I been so overwhelmed by the amount of love and appreciation shown for vinyl, let alone music in its physical form!
Record Store Day is of course a day when all independent record stores across the UK and Musicians come together and celebrate music in its physical form by releasing exclusive material for the benefit of vinyl junkies and people who in general love their music!

For Record Store Day 2014, I arrived at Beggars Banquet in Kingston upon Thames at around 8am on the Saturday morning and I was greeted to a massive queue which stretched back to at least 200 yards! I was completely overwhelmed at the lengths people were willing to go for vinyl! Not thinking twice I joined the queue and waited there for 4 hours before I got a sniff of the plastic stuff!
During this time, not surprisingly, I started chatting to people about vinyl and about the special releases which were being touted for the special day for our love for vinyl. One of which consisted of talking to someone about how the pioneers of UK thrash metal outfit Napalm Death, as they were apparently releasing the fasted recorded album ever! (12 tracks in as a little as 48 seconds from what I can remember…. madness!)

Once I reached the entrance of the shop it felt like I had entered the Promised Land! It was great to see all these people who were into all sorts of music foraging through all the records and looking for any special releases for the day. I suddenly realised how vital Record Store Day is to people’s love for music. Without it the technological advancement of other gadgets such as iPods and various other MP3 paraphernalia would rule the consumer’s high streets! To see people loving the vinyl and buying bucket-loads of it, is quite a humbling experience – and long may it continue!

That’s why it’s so important to have the independent record shops all over our great land promote the Record Store Day year in, year out! And in 2015 it’s back! And it’s bigger and better than ever!
On 18th April 2015, the day will be marked with special performances from well-known DJs, musicians and bands up and down the country, meet and greets from artists and also in-store quizzes!

This year will see the vastest selection of artists ever reaching out to people and entice them into independent record stores. Amongst the 500 artists we have household names such as the Foo Fighters, David Bowie and Mumford & Sons releasing special vinyl’s to mark the occasion. New acts such as George Ezra, The 1975, Chvrches, Gorgon City and Calvin Harris will also be releasing limited editions of vinyl to celebrate the day.

We have a generous serving of Brit Pop for this year too, from the likes of Suede and Ocean Colour Scene. Nostalgic 60s pop from the Small Faces and the Kinks will also be making surprise releases this year too. Toy and Jane Weaver will also be bringing a refreshing psychedelic twist to the proceedings  and there will be a limited edition Soul Jazz compilation release as well amongst many other artists!

Berwick Street, London’s spiritual home for independent record shopping, will be hosting its own free music festival on the day itself. From 12pm to 6pm, the 5 record stores along the street with other shops and restaurants will be celebrating Soho’s creative scene with 20 minute set live performances from various acclaimed and emerging artists.

Special events will be happening all over the Country.
Check out all these links below for further information about releases and upcoming events.

For a more in-depth look behind RSD – click on the link below:

I think it’s vital that music lovers and people alike get out there and support their local independent record shops – it’s a consumer pursuit which means so much to millions of people and they’re so passionate about! So go on give a “big middle finger” to the “Man” and support Record Store Day 2015 – May it be the best one yet!


In honour of Record Store Day music website Music Magpie have put together a piece on the Evolution Of The Music Format which features comments from Popped Music’s Editor Elena Katrina.




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