Album Review: Flo Morrissey – Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful

flo-morrissey tomorrow will be beautifulReleased 15th June 2015

Words: Gary Lambert

 Flo Morrissey is the latest female juggernaut to hit the airwaves and soon the shelves with her debut album, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful, which has been likened to artists such as Lana Del Ray and Kate Bush. With those two as guides there was a lot of pressure on pressing play. Was it going to meet the hype? Well from the opening track, Show Me, I was happy to forget the hyperbole and press releases and enjoy a supreme talent. Within, Show Me, Flo uses her voice like a string quartet, pulling the words and syllables into beautiful elegiac places. Whilst the vocal similarities to Lana Del Ray are obvious, it would be churlish to deny it yet this is not a one-trick pony tribute act looking to surf along someone else’s wave.

It is easy and lazy to decry an artist for repeating the same style over and over yet also just as easy to complain that an album is jumbled and not cohesive if there is a sonic scattergun used in the construction of a long player. Flo Morrissey pitches this album perfectly with a few gentle style changes from track to track, but the power and consistency of her voice aids the album as it swings from chilled 1920’s jazz tinged sweetness of Betrayed to the delight of I Like Your Hat Not You and it’s empowering refrain of “I will love again” and the PJ Harvey brilliance of Wildflower.

This is an album dripping with confidence and a singer ready to show off her talents to the world. The use of her voice in conjunction with the musical instruments which back it creates an aural canvas of art and pleasure. My personal favourite is Woman of Secret Gold, which seems to waltz around my ears making me want to not if not quite dance, at least float around a forest with a twirling dance partner in blissful ease.

From the title of the album to the delightful sounds which come from it this feels the listener full of hope and joy. It is truly a pleasure to listen to even if your usual taste is for the darker fringes of pop culture. This is a piece of classic laid back sunshine pop. Treat yourself to the soundtrack of your summer. It is going to be mine.

As a writer it is so tempting to finish with “And yes, Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful”, but that would be a tad crass. It would, however, be an accurate summation of the how it must feel being in Flo Morrissey’s world right now.


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