Live Review: The Beach – London

The Beach

The BeachElectrowerkz London, 9th June 2015

Words: Lauren Grigor

I was super excited to see The Beach at Electrowerkz after I wasn’t able to see him at TGE this year. Once getting on stage he seemed a little overwhelmed at first at the size and attention of the sold-out crowd.
My first impressions of The Beach: very active band working on keys & synth, bass and drums.
The Beach (George) himself had a lovely live voice coming through, great range, ability and build up; the song crescendos without even me even realising. It just crept up on us and proved to be a great opener to have the crowd and the band well and truly warmed up.

From above, the latest single to be making waves (Beach Pun…sorry, not sorry) already clocking over 100k views on YouTube, It was awesome to hear more than a handful of people in the audience recognise the opening bars. Well mixed songs and all the components come together perfectly.
His voice is flawless, he doesn’t even look like he’s trying. The back up vocals add to the atmospheric feel of the song but his easily stand out on their own. Following a build up that a house DJ would be jealous of into knee shaking bass and then like a rubber band back to just his vocals and guitar picking.
Sound engineers did a stand up job, The guitar doesn’t get lost and there’s a beaut falsetto to finish the song. There is officially no doubt now that The Beach has something serious to offer.

Into Building Boats we hear lovely vibrato in his lower notes thanks to vocal effects and his natural timbre. This song is a lot folkier and has poetic lyrics “It’s okay not to be okay.” He has sort of funny definite diction in boat and float but it really adds to his unique character

“I’m new to this shit” he says as he starts a  Bon Iver cover of Holoscene, really putting his own style on it which is nice as often artists can use covers to be a bit lazy and just stick to the formula. He then moves into Only for love, It really is quite a bit slower. Again quite folky and a bit cheesy but heartfelt. Moves into full on band participation

“Come meet me on this one” he says as he starts an old one – this is when it becomes clear that The Beach has a very strong fanbase for someone still establishing themselves in the industry – plenty of people in the crowd are familiar and are loving it. I didn’t catch the title but the lyrics were, “You say you’ve got me but you don’t, you say you need me but you won’t.” Fast moving and stirs the crowd really well. Great harmonies. The band are tight and obviously very well practised.

At this point he says he’s run out of songs. So he starts playing Thieves: The total crowd pleaser. “Its on the internet,” he says, jokingly. It shows his growth as an artist. Great finisher. Beautiful track. Compelling and diverse and brings together all of his influences; folk and indie with a very singer/songwriter feel.
The end of the song, even though it’s on the recorded version, feels very freestyle; the bassist gets up on his stack and everyone starts going hard on stage..
And then it’s over..
The Beach has proven that he is worth the hype. Full kudos to the chemistry between him and the band. It’s always a bit tricky when you define yourself as a soloist but rely so heavily on a band with you – there wasn’t any trouble though – it was abundantly clear that there is full respect and trust between him and his band.

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