Album Review: Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Get To Heaven

Everything_Everything_Get_To_Heaven_ArtworkReleased 22nd June 2015

Words: Lauren Grigor

This review has been delayed because I was rather busy seeing Everything Everything play Glastonbury – TWICE. An achievement which has only enhanced my connection to the band’s music and this album. In fact this review itself has evolved a lot since experiencing the music up close and personal.

Get to Heaven is an album so much deeper and far beyond anything other bands are doing right now. There’s no copping out with simplistic lyrics and predictable melodies. Jonathan Higgs has given listeners a brief insight into his mind and in turn a mental health scenario that we can all connect with.

The themes of the album’s lyrics revolve around various feelings of hopelessness and emptiness – questioning what we know about the world around us, what it means and what is significant. The impact religion has on our life and psyche and the way impending and inevitable mortality can make us question everything we know about ourselves and our past. It’s not all doom and gloom though! The album stands out because it’s not a depressive compilation of unrequited-love songs. It is a masterpiece of expert production, writing, instrumental talent, vocal ability and unique vision.

It took me several listens of the opening track To The Blade to not jump when the song comes to life after 54 seconds of rather demure vocals. The song is shocking and reflects the power that this album has to impact the listener. Showcasing Higgs’ dynamic vocal ability, reaching from falsettos, wailing and hissing, Not to downplay the other members’ input – I wouldn’t have believed it had I not seen them in the flesh – but the vocal combination of everyone on stage was a spectacle to worship, all of the guys have an incredible range and control while ….

The album’s first single Distant Past reminded us why these guys have received the cult-like following they have, a song with impossibly fast verses, robotic voice samples, pop tempo and a chorus that will get you dancing wherever you may be (I’ve tested this from a desk, in a car and live in crowd – you can’t help yourself).

Get To Heaven, Regret and Spring/Summer/Winter/Dread all talk about the implications of getting through life without having any idea where to from here. Everything Everything have created something special amongst themselves, it’s always nice when you can recognise a band’s music from small details in songs; something I’ve always noticed are the use of layering vocals and harmonies on the accent words- the first or last notes of the bar, The Wheel (Is Turning Now).

Fortune 500 explores the evils of money and the power it gives an individual. There are certain phrases that become self-talk and eventually believed by people who have “worked hard” for their fortune, and how they justify their entitlement to their money and people they’re hurt to get it. My favourite song is probably No Reptiles. Simply because it’s dark, eccentric and has hilariously weird lyrics that you cannot help but sing along to,
“It’s alright to feel like a fat child in a push-chair old enough to run, old enough to fire a gun”.
It baffles me that people can come up with with this sort of writing and turn it into a stunning piece of music at the same time. The beginning of the song features Higgs leering at us and condemning our monotonous 9-5 rituals. Similar to Blast Doors – an aggressive commentary on being slaves to capitalism, and how our best intentions to change are deluded thanks to our devotion to technology and modern comforts (plus a sly poke at Coca Cola).

Closing track Warm Healer moves with a syncopated slap, funk bass line and closes with a beautiful burst into soaring synth and vocal distortion which has been building up after every chorus. at over 6 minutes long, it needs a few listens to truly appreciate it but leaves me feeling more peaceful every time.

It’s fairly obvious I love this album, it’s a complete work of art that only improves with every listen. Buy it for yourself and your friends and go and see them live before they’re too famous!

Watch the video for Regret here:

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