Festival Preview: Beat-Herder 2015



beatherder 2015 posterPerhaps not our usual kind of festival but when every other person you know is raving about it you have to take a closer look. Beat-Herder has been going a full ten years without me having paid all that much attention and seems we have been missing out. Just look at that line up poster if you want proof! Basement Jaxx will make you shake your backside and Leftfield will elevate you to god knows where. Let’s not even really go there with how excited I am to see Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. It’s a festival that really has an eclectic taste. It also appears to be hell bent on bringing you the party, with plenty of acts to help you chill out too. It’s no wonder that it has already sold out. It’s not a festival that’s full of current fickle industry babes, not a festival that’s more interested in the commercial sponsors it can attract.

There’s so much outside the Popped Music box it’s going to be a thrill to see so many acts we wouldn’t usually get to see but also they’re bringing some of our fave new acts to play too! So of course we’re here to put some of those infront of you in the hope you’ll check them out with us!


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Port Isla

Bringing their blend of Indie Pop are Port Isla – song structures that are reminiscent of 80s power ballads and chorus’ too, just check out the massively easy to sing along to chorus of A.L.I.V.E below to know what we mean. We have seen these guys


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Listen to A.L.I.V.E  here:
Will Joseph Cook

With only one EP under his, very young, belt, Will Joseph Cook is having a pretty good time of it lately including many an appearance at Festivals up and and down the UK. His blend of smart folk story-telling with upbeat pop melodies will make him an interesting pick at this year’s BeathHerder festival.
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Listen to Beach here:

One of our favourite bands of the past 18 months, London’s Palace are bringing their exceptionally smooth live show to BeatHerder. Full of fluid blues rhythms and flowing riffs this band will chill you out, engage just a little of your inner swagger and leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy, so you can save your rave for later.

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Listen to Tomahawk here:
Oslo Parks

With uptempo floaty sounds comes Oslo Parks, bringing the sunshine in musical form. The duo have been busy  this year having released 2 AA side singles on London label X Novo. We’ve not yet seen them live but their last few tracks have certainly caught our attention and we are so on the look out for them at BeatHerder!

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Listen to Slipping Away here:
Lyons and La Zel

I first stumbled upon these two wonderful musical humans in the bar that lives below my now office. It was a Thursday night, I’d about had enough and then along came these two smiley people with their messages of mediation and freedom and I was a gonner. Sweet soulful melodies combined with guitar and beatboxing brings an altogether new freshness that I can never get enough of.

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Listen to Papillion here:




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