Live Review: Snow Apple – London

Snow Apple

snow apple liveOld Blue Last, London, 8th July 2015

Words: Nick Jacques

To be honest with you – I wasn’t expecting any fireworks before this gig. All I knew of the band Snow Apple prior to the show were that they were a folk band from Amsterdam. The Folk music market can feel a bit saturated and as a result has lost its roots a bit. However, I seem to have realised that there has been a renaissance in the folk world with female fronted folk bands – First Aid Kit, The Unthanks and The Staves are 3 very worthy exceptions to the rule and have definitely helped to give folk music a strong female presence. Add Snow Apple to this list and we have a formidable line up. Snow Apple have taken a big bite out of the folk music scene and created something refreshing and exciting.

Beautiful, beguiling and bold – these are the words I am using to describe this female 3 piece from Amsterdam. From the moment I heard them I was completely taken in by this eye-catching band. Their songs were full of operatic grace, style and had an enticing charm which I couldn’t help but be drawn into. Snow Apple captivated their audience with not only their musical versatility but also with their stage outfits. They were wearing these beautiful Marrakesh gowns which really made them standout and gave them a strong stage presence.

I wasn’t aware that they had released a new album titled Illusions this year and they’re also signed to a branch of Virgin Records! This band have indeed come far since their inauguration on 24th May 2013.
Their sound comprised of varying genres ranging from jazz to folk to opera. Each member brought something different to the table – they each come from different musical background and they blended these ingredients together effortlessly.
Snow Apple have been playing together in this set up for over a year or so. They released their debut album in 2013 and have gone from strength to strength since. This is one of their first dates they played here in the UK and they were in amazing shape – Laurien’s rich operatic voice swooned gorgeously over the anticipating crowd and Una’s use of a vocoder & synths breathed a pleasant variety into the proceedings and these talents were supported accordingly by Laura with her splendid strumming of the mandolin and sprinklings of xylophone. The backing band looked somewhat out of place on the stage. The 2 guitarists looked like they had been snatched from some punk/metal band up the road – not to say this underwhelmed the overall performance but made it all the more excellent for viewing and listening.
I was really surprised by Snow Apple. I had never heard of them before the gig and I was really surprised at just how good they were and how different they sounded compared with their other contemporaries. I’m of the opinion that there are bigger and better things to come from this very promising threesome! I wanted them to carry on playing after they taken a bow to their adoring crowd but sadly it wasn’t to be.
Snow Apple have definitely conjured up a winning formula here. I hope they keep creating and performing as a unit – they bring a swarm of ideas full of exotic colours and originality to the Folk music world. I don’t think I’ve heard another folk band quite like them. They can morph in and out of different music playing styles with ease and this is only part of what makes them so appealing.
Their UK tour will continue throughout July culminating on 19th July, if I had the time and resources I would definitely invest in another night watching them. Catch them whilst you still can!
For once, I can safely say . . . . How do you like those apples!?!

2 Responses to “Live Review: Snow Apple – London”
  1. realdavorg says:

    Saw them at the London FolkFest in 2013 and had a reaction very much like yours. I would definitely have been at this show if I had known it was on. (Wanders off to have strong words with Songkick!)

    Liked by 1 person

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