Festival Preview: Festevol 2015 Pt2

festevolFestevol 2015

Words: Gary Lambert

festevolThe Saturday after the Saturday before. We come to Festevol Part 2, headlined by the fabulous All We Are, and I am excited. After a fantastic day of revelry last week mixed with some brilliant music from the likes of The Probes, Zuzu and a knockout set from The Vryll Society, everybody is ready to go again. And this time there is no need to save some in the tank for next week, so let’s hit it HARD

Price info: Tickets for Festevol are on sale now for £15 plus booking fee from the usual online haunts – or if you like to take a gamble and spend a bit more money you can buy on the door for £20. You’re going to turn up anyway so just buy it NOW.

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Twitter address: @clubevol


It has been a busy few months since we were last able to catch up with Scarlet.
In those days they had released their Fishes EP and were about to storm the
Liverpool Sound City conference to get advice, assistance and support for their
Pledgemusic campaign. Now we find a band who are celebrating reaching the
target for their debut album, playing three gigs in one day in Liverpool city
centre and getting used to life as a four-piece. Rumours of their performance at
Sheffield’s Tramlines festival suggest less is more and the sound is even louder.

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Listen to Anyway by Scarlet here:

When asking around for a tip to recommend for Festevol several of my well listened friends suggested RongoRongo. I’m a sucker for a good name anyway, so I stepped into their Soundcloud after a quick glance at Google suggested sinister rock – although that could be in relation to Easter Island. The three songs available on their act as a treasure map to untold riches. There is definitely a David Lynch vibe to their music, but there is more than just a dash of guitar noir. Slice of Heart, an eight-minute long, elegant gift of Scouse gothic must be heard to be believed. Maybe David Lynch needs to get to the The Kazimier on Saturday to hear it. Anybody got his number?

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Listen to Slice of Heart by RongoRongo here:

Another band for whom the party at The Kazimier will be more than just another summer gig. Like Scarlet, Sankofa are celebrating hitting the target on their Pledgemusic campaign. With a sound influenced by Bible Belt rock bands of the United States, this is going to be a memorable performance which you won’t want to miss a moment of. Listening to Mamasan makes me hope these guys are in the darkness of The Kazimier club to get the full blast of the mysterious aural adventure.

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Listen to Grasp by Sankofa here:

Cut from the same cloth as Foals, Moats will provide a soundtrack which will make you feel festival-y regardless of the lack of mud. As you would expect these are not instant pleasure placebo songs that will make you smile for a few minutes and then forget all about them, but finely crafted beauties which demand repeated listening. Prepare yourself for your next favourite band..

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Listen to You Make Wet Sundays Alright by Moats here:



Festival Extra

Whilst you are at Festevol (surely you don’t need any more convincing) make sure you make your way into the exhibition space where local photographer Michelle Roberts is the star with numerous photos related to her work. Go there and appreciate the work which goes on from the girls and guys who spend gigs snapping and worrying about the lighting and angles to get one or two pics to go along with the review you will read on the bus to work rather than dancing around and singing along.


Festival Highlight

This is the last Festevol at The Kazimier and probably the last musical all-dayer there too. It’s going to be a party. Get ready for a celebration of what we have right now. And take an extra tenner too as the food is going to smell great, you’re powerless to resist.

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