Festival Preview: Leeds 2015

Leeds 2015

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leeds 2015Our third year back at Leeds festival and as always we can’t wait. The festival offers us a chance to catch up with some bands we don’t usually go to see, some bands we’ve been writing about for ages and some we’ve never seen! As always the line up is looking strong and if you want to know just how geeky we are then you’ll like this little fact: 36 of the bands playing at this year’s Leeds festival have been featured as new bands on Popped! Including some of the bands on the main stage. See we told you it was a bit of a geeky fact.

Weekend and day tickets for Leeds festival are still available and on sale here.

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We first saw these guys rip it up in a warehouse space in Liverpool last year. They turned, what seemed, a mainly disinterested crowd into a heavy sweaty throng and with sounds as intense as they throw out they’re going to be right at home at Leeds Festival.

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Listen to XXX here:


Hot on our to watch list our selves are Leed’s four-piece VITAMIN. We’re hoping that they’ll be bringing their upbeat snyth indie sounds to leeds as well as providing us with some VIT B if the British Weather does it’s usual and keeps the sun hidden.

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Watch the video for Giving It Up here:



I might have been writing about and tipping the amazing Jack Garratt for some time but he has thus far evaded my eyes in terms of a live show. I’ve even been in the building but had to leave… that’s how damn close it’s got. Most of the Popped team have seen him… but oh no not me. So he’s high high up on my list of ones to watch. Aside from the fact he’s just bloody great. Obviously.

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Watch the video for Weathered here:


Sundara Karma are bringing the indie rock and bringing it pretty damn hard. I’ve made no bones about not being the biggest fan of their name but you know what even that I’m starting not to mind so much when they dish out consistently damn fine catchy tunes. I’ll be there singing along that’s for sure.

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Watch the video for Flame here:


Hitting up the BBC Introducing Stage on Saturday is four-piece Hidden Charms – not to be confused with the ridiculous american breakfast cereal Lucky Charms (yes, this has happened).  There’s a massive dollop of 60s garage rock that just flows effortlessly from this london four-piece. Seriously it’s like being transported back in time and these are going to blow up the stage and I just know it won’t be the last time they hit up this festival.

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Listen to Dreaming Of Another Girl here:



It’s no secret that we’ve been big fans of Prides ever since we caught sight of them at last year’s Leeds festival. Their appearance on The BBC Introducing stage set it all in stone, adding the fiery live performance that brought to live their recorded tracks and covers. We’re really looking forward to seeing how far they’ve come in the past 12 months and just want to make sure you know to join us there!

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Watch the video for Little Danger here:


There are some bands who just have an immediate impact on your overall being and Bear’s Den are one of those bands. Since 2012 I’ve been eagerly keeping my eyes and ears on everything they’ve done and can honestly say that they have blossomed into something totally beautiful. If you’re only kind of half looking forward to Mumford And Sons on the main stage (because you’re just not too sure on their new sound) then might I ask you pay these guys a little attention – you won’t regret it. Honest.

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Watch the video for Agape here:


These ladies from Australia have been on our radar for quite some time and we have loved every single song they have thrown our way. So it goes without saying that when we say they were playing Leeds festival we knew they’d be on out hit list of ones to watch. I’m looking forward to hearing them replicate their sweet vocals with tight harmonies and a dash of attitude that keeps them from being too twee. They’re another act that go to prove that Reading and Leeds isn’t all just about the heavy loud acts.

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Watch the video for Home here:


There’s something all together comforting and familiar with Viola Beach. It’s not just that they live not far from us but it’s a vocal style at at times hits upon Jamie T but set to an entirely different kind of a soundtrack. This one very much more an upbeat indie number. We’ve yet to see them live but we hear great things and so you’ll know where to find us!

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Listen to Swings and Waterslides here:

Well The Hives aren’t on the bill this year, after a crazy set at last year’s Leeds and well you need not fear if you want some of that rip roaring rock n roll with a chorus that just demands you sing along. We have them right for you here with Otherkin. Just listen to Ay Ay Ay below and you’ll get what I’m saying and we can not wait to see them play this one live. We’re gonna go a little mental I think….. also. Air guitar solo anyone?

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Watch the video for Ay Ay Ay here:



The first time I saw these guys play was in a pub in London to about 50 odd people and my my my did they blow me away. I’ve not seen them since but I’m thrilled to see that they’ve made the Leeds line up  and that they are going to relish in the opportunity to blow away even more people with their high energy rock with a serious pop sensibility but a vocal that you just don’t expect to come out of lead singer Coner Mason.

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Watch the video for Itch here:


Liverpool’s Clean Cut Kid are making all kinds of noises and not just with their band. There’s talk, and I mean serious talk, and we’re a part of that talk. Thank goodness. One of the best live rock bands I’ve seen in a long time and I just know that this time next year there’s every chance they’ll be hitting the main stage or at least right up the bill on one of the other bigger stages. They impress on every level and a headline slot on the BBC Introducing is well deserved.

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Watch the video for Vitamin C here:


Another act from Liverpool who we are hotly tipping for your viewing – John Joseph Brill, a baritone vocal and song writing skills which will give you serious chills. Sometimes there’s just nothing more to say than that, aside from the fact that he is fantastic live.

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Watch the video for Pieces here:

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