Festival Preview: Hope Fest 2015

10403331_387638818086329_6948521573712301046_nHope Fest

18th – 20th September 2015

Wristbands for Hope Fest are on sale now by donations and gift cards for full information clickity click here.

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hope fest posterHope Fest is a grass roots music festival in Liverpool unlike no other. Rather than just ask for money for their wristbands to their multi venue festival they’re asking for specific donations. There are some cash possibilities though, if you just want to go for a day, or just to one venue you can though with so much on offer we can’t see why you wouldn’t pile straight on in with a full donation to see one of the 200+ amazing bands across the 15, yes 15, venues across Liverpool.

The donations, and the whole point of the festival, is to help the many charities across Liverpool who help to take care of the cities Homeless. It’s a complicated situation and there’s no one easy fix but with your help people in need can receive the things they need.

“We work in conjunction with homeless services in Liverpool such as Crisis, The Big Issue, The Choir With No Name, The Whitechapel Centre and The Basement Advisory Centre to create a list of required donations (including food, clothing and toiletries) which we call a ‘Hope Pack’ for collection and to distribute these to those homeless people who need them after the festival. Music is the perfect way to engage the public in donating to the homeless community in Liverpool as well as raising awareness and breaking down barriers.”

Below you can check out our pick of just some of the great bands playing. ALL bands, venues and times can be found HERE.

The Soul Rays – Friday – Bumper

This multi talented group have been raising their profile ever upwards over the course of 2015 and have had some huge shows including a rammed tent at this year’s ever popular Kendal Calling. With sweet sweet harmonies, rambunctious brass section and everything in between these guys know how to bring the swing and the soul plus a massive dose of funk to the floor and you’ll be dancing. Oh yes you will.

Find The Soul Rays on Facebook

Listen to Cooking The Books (demo) here:
Seafoam Green – Sunday -The Jacaranda

Seafoam Green is the project of Dave O’Grady, well know in Liverpool and soon to be well known every where else with his band. Bringing serious dollops of blues, psych and rock this band played one of my favourite shows in Liverpool earlier this year and this show kicks of a string of UK dates for them.

Find Seafoam Green on Facebook

Listen to Whisky here:
Steve Thompson and The Incidents -Saturday – Arts Club

I’m kind of a little in love with Steve Thompson and The Incident’s forthcoming new tune – Monster – out just in time for Halloween, that they have to feature here. That creepy as hell music box beginning will give me nightmares for weeks probably but it’s such a perfectly catchy track I know their Arts Club crowd are going to jump right on it.

Listen to Monster here:
Killaflaw – Saturday – Krazyhouse

It would be remiss of us to avoid writing about our now very good friends Killaflaw just because they’ve become very good friends. They also happen to be one of the best and most energetic live acts around. In fact we love them so much we even went down to their last two London shows too to get our killafix. You know where to get yours this weekend now too right?

Find Killaflaw on Facebook

Watch the video for Own Way here:

The Jackobins – Saturday – District

Bringing their own special blend of indie-rock-electro is The Jackobins. A force to be reckoned with, they don’t hold back with the musical punches. Just take a listen to their most recent track Waiting On The Sun. A treat for anyone headed to the Baltic Triangle’s District venue.

Find The Jackobins on Facebook.

Listen to Waiting On The Sun here:
The Roscoes – Sunday – Studio 2

Being a drummer down hasn’t put a stop to Liverpool band The Roscoes when it comes to supporting this special cause. The show must go on, acoustic or otherwise. Still, you should expect an impressive vocal and infectious melodies to get your hips a swayin’.

Find The Roscoes on Facebook

Listen to Closer here:
The Sundowners – Sunday – The Magnet

I have had the pleasure of witnessing this band play live many times from full sets to ridiculously intimate shows in a tiny room with about 12 other people and each time they have knocked my funky socks off. They’ll be performing an acoustic set this weekend for Magnet but I guarantee you that you’ll be impressed despite lack of extra oomph their electric set can bring.

Find The Sundowners on Facebook

Listen to Medicine here:










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