Live Review: Zibra – Liverpool


September 26th, Studio 2, Liverpool

Words: Ruth Myles

zibraStudio Two, part of the famed Parr St Studio complex, in Liverpool is making a bit of a name for itself as being the home for indie music fans to come to watch the freshest and most exciting new bands who are touring the country at present. A distinct step away from its rebirth as a jazz club. Popped Music were lucky enough to be there to see the fantastic party trilogy of Flesh, Zibra with headliner, “the most dangerous act in indie music” (self-declared), Parlophone Records’ Ratboy.

Looking around the venue at the start of the set I felt comfortably one of the oldest there by at least a full university course. But as it was Friday night and everybody was ready to party audience attendance for this sold out gig was higher than expected from early on.

Opening act, Flesh, sounded like they couldn’t decide whether or not to be influenced by Green Day or The Beatles so precariously tried to balance between those two titans. Apart from the instruments the one thing those bands do have going for them is an ability to make music so infectious it should be kept in solitary and fed by people in hazmat suits. This is what Flesh did perfectly and the crowd buzzed off them. Looking around I realised that for some people this is probably their first ever gig and it isn’t a bad way to start.

My particular favourite act of the night, and luckily the main reason we were at the show, was the delightful Zibra. With a sound hinting at 80’s influences like a Duran Duran who spent the decade listening to Joy Division rather than being poster boys for The Yuppie Generation, they were powerful and captivating. Their mix of angst, synths and rhythms that could drive statues to dance must hit a chord happily with the current young music fan surrounded by the sounds of EDM rather than guitars, drums and bass. Their stagecraft was strong too with a distinct presence when performing and to be fair when talking to their fans afterwards. Throughout they gave off the air of a band who are happy to be here. The beats were fast and hard and they definitely know how to write a tune as the enthusiastic audience went several steps beyond the traditional support band toe tapping. I would say though that now is the time for the hard work to kick in as Zibra need to be playing large spaces to make the most of their sound. You could have a proper rave to this if you had enough darkness, people and a cavernous den of iniquity. The next time they play a gig in Liverpool I think it is going to have a far bigger audience. Word is going to spread.

Ratboy is going to be a big, big success. Sounding like The Libertines if they had been formed outside the M25 rather than in a Camden test tube, there is hunger and passion and not a small dose of talent in everything he does. With cartoon bad guy behaviour he is sure to give teenagers that rebellious life necessity that far too few musicians generate these days. As their set was bashed through with youthful abandon, the fans bought into it so much that a moshpit formed in the middle of the room. A moshpit in a jazz bar… Ratboy will do for me.

Overall it was a wonderful night which could easily give birth to a lifetime of gig going for some of the new starters in there. But these bands were so enjoyable and in the moment that we should forget about tomorrow and just be happy we have today.


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