Live Review: The Wombats – Liverpool

The Wombats

the wombats live copyright gaz jones Liverpool University Guild Of Students, October 23rd 2015

Words: Gary Lambert

Photos: Gaz Jones

The Wombats’ hometown gig was the biggest ticket in town on a night when Liverpool had a lot of big tickets on the go.  As part of their Glitterbug world tour they were playing Liverpool Guild of Students.  It was my first time to check out the formerly known Mountford Hall since the refurbishment.

The first thing that hit me was that people turn up to gigs here much early since it has been improved as The Night Café opened up to an audience that wouldn’t fit in most other venues let alone be the crowd watching the first of two support bands.  The second thing, and this hit me so hard that I grinned like a lunatic, the rumours of the sound system do not do the venue justice.  It is loud and powerful without losing anything in quality.  If it wasn’t for the bass beating against my chest I could have been at home.  No crackle, just crisp noise.

This power was appreciated by The Night Café as they ran through their set of jangly indie with joy, confidence and enjoyment.  Thriving on the audience who buzzed with excitement the band were exchanging smiles and knowing looks throughout.  Whilst their sound is not risky, the lads play well and it is obviously only the start of their career.  This I felt was a very good call as an opening act from both sides.  They got the crowd going without leaving too many scorch marks; and this has got to be a massive motivator for the boys because they have the opportunity to make nights like this their own in the future.  The songs they have in their back pockets really have potential.  And who can ever have enough of jangly guitars!


Sundara Karma on the other hand have their guitars firmly tuned rock music.  Looking like a band who should be driving around LA and dancing with models, they effortlessly moved in to their transatlantic rock music sound and kept the audience on edge.  With a very smooth sound within their power chords and soaring vocals, there is a certain easy acceptability to their tunes.  The songs feel like you know them on a subconscious level as though tracks like Runaway and Loveblood have been around for years.  We will be seeing more of this band I am certain.


the wombats copyright gaz jonesNow to the homecoming kings.  Well some gigs are about road testing new songs, others are about paying for an unexpected tax bill, and some gigs, like this, are about celebration of life, music and shameless enjoyment.  The Wombats blew me away from the moment the lights dimmed and the crowd roared with excitement.  It was the sound of youthful abandon and Murph (singer, guitarist and songwriter), Tord (bassist) and Dan (drummer) had them eating out of their hand.  Often when bands get to the three album point in their career gigs turn a bit more awkward from a certain point of view as there is always the disheartening slump through the audience as they play a track off the latest album rather than one of the old hits.  There was nothing to give an outside observer any clue whether songs where from A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation, The Modern Glitch or Glitterbug as every track in the set was roared back at them.  For a band not often associated with an intense fan base, it was an incredible experience to be there.
The Wombats showed why they are the biggest band from Liverpool in the last ten years tonight.  They were polished, energetic and can fire out songs to soundtrack the growth from teenager to adult perfectly.  They were the perfect band for this moment and this venue.  I loved it.



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