Live Review: Lucy Rose – Liverpool

Lucy Rose

lucy rose 2015-a-lo9RsIX0CxQcocPYFboygEcY25Ephv3XWrkHejopAZXilQ27BFvIrYxpqs0kabGavcE6hclTKp0syA6Z4FwI_G8r7Mf5NiBUKqwem2Ros8ZTALtbBJZ_x0o1hfEc=s0-d-e1-ftLiverpool o2 Academy 2, 7th November 2015

Words: Daryl  Wafer

I could barely see the tiny English Rose as she stepped out on stage at Liverpool’s 02 Academy on Saturday night. My eyes peering through the fighting bodies all wanting the best view of Miss Lucy Rose. I had watched her videos online for years and never seen her live (in the flesh) so I was a moving forward opportunist getting the best view possible, even standing on my tippy toes occasionally.

Wearing a charismatic smile ear-to-ear starting with a new track Our Eyes set a firm indication of what to expect from the evolved folk bird. “Our eyes stuck looking at our eyes are making out. We’re not made for this. Fighting love”. Ironically, singing the chorus as she makes out with over 50 of the closest pair of eyes including mine, not breaking gaze. The whole room was fighting for love. A great musical direction from a girl whose last album (Like I Used To) had a completely different feel of organic instruments and coffee shop melodies. This was the next chapter in the growing folklette’s career.

As soon as I walked into the venue I felt  like all the people in the room were ‘family’ waiting for their sister or cousin to play a gig. Every single one of her fans really understood Lucy Rose and her musical choices. In return she understood them. The audience weren’t afraid to let her know what they thought. During a quiet, captivating moment where you could hear a pin drop and the audience held on to every word, Lucy explained some personal lyrics when all of  a sudden a feisty Scouse bird shouts ‘we fucking love you Lucy’ which breaks room into a fit of laughter.

Remembering the Lucy Rose we all took a shine to, she pours her heart and takes us back to one of my favourites off of her debut album, Shiver. Her singing live was on point and I even discovered that I preferred it live to on record. You could feel her endless angelic vibrato with an unusual soft power, filling the room. It’s one of the purest voices I’ve heard live in a long time and it put me in a hypnotic trance of relaxation.

As the crowd were in the full swing of Saturday night joy and ready for upbeat chorus’s to swing and spill their beer too  Lucy Rose pulled out Like an Arrow. It’s Rose’s most ‘radio fiendly’ (or commercial) track. Her crystal clear vocals cut through the babble of the crowd. It stabbed us and infected us with delight. I’ve been “singing” it ever since! Her collaborations with her mates (Bombay Bicycle Club) may have given Rose the confidence to experiment with musical production and sounds resulting in a infectious indie track.


Rose has been fed; watered and put in ambulant synth greenhouse and grown with the times as an artist and  writer and, I feel, more importantly as a person (yes! not a plant). She is widening her audience and thrilling them at her live shows.

Watch the video for Till The End here:

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