Live Review: Communion New Faces Tour, Liverpool

COMMUNION NEW FACES NOV 15Communion New Faces Tour

20th November, Studio 2, Liverpool

Words: Daryl Waffer

I had the undoubted pleasure to go and see the Communion New Faces tour at Studio 2 Liverpool. It was jam packed with new faces and voices, filling the night with their indie guitar pop-ness.

In the first act, Jack Watts, the 20-year-old Brighton lad, eased the audience into a Jeff Buckley meets Radiohead influenced set, sprinkling elements of Jazz throughout. I was impressed by his graceful tones and charming falsetto. The audience held on to his every word as he poured his heart into the title track off of his debut EP Red Shortbread.

 Every now and then you get an exciting new artist that everyone is going to love. You hear them and instantly feel connected to them, and their music. Blue’s boy Dan Owen is no exception. His vocal and story telling is far beyond his twenty-one years. It was like the first time I heard George Ezra (and now, Dan) I can’t quite grasp the raw talent roaring out of him. He didn’t look at all like he should soundwhich instantly grabbed me.

Splinter was the first track Owen sung. He politely introduced the song telling us about when he was younger his friend told him that if a splinter gets into your blood stream it goes straight to your heart and kills you. He uses this as a metaphor and fits perfectly into his storytelling throughout the song.

I’m I the splinter under your skin, am I the secret you’re trying to hide?he unashamedly sung. He continued with upbeat humour as he describes his next track as “a really happy song”, even though it’s called When I Die. He finished with a great rendition of Little Red Rooster. A brilliant set of authentic artistry and real soul. Check out his latest EP ‘Bad for Me’.


The audience was geared up and ready to take a trip with the next band –Flyte. If you haven’t heard of the band then you should, they’re really fun and not to mention Will Taylor has a fantastic voice. An indie-pop quartet with sing along choruses and dazzling harmonies, what’s not to love?

I got so lost in their performance that I realised that we were already onto their  third track We are the Rain and it had happened so fast! It has a Talking Heads 80’s feel; chilled, easy going melodic pop. They continued with Never Stop Trying to Break my Heart that Taylor, the lead singer, described as “too long of a title” and insists on any suggestions of shortening it. That aside, the track had you nodding like a Churchill dog for at least 3 minuets and 47 earth seconds.

Then they play the ever catchy Light me up. Which goes down a treat. Faithless (one of my personal favourite’s) is a memorising ballad. Enhanced with delay, Taylor’s vocals flew through the air effortlessly harmonising with his band. I’ve always thought it easy to write a ballad but hard to write a good one. These lads have definitely worked hard and crafted a great song I could listen to all day.

Lastly we have Northerners SeaFret. Gentle guitar riffs playing from Harry introduces us to the delicate voice of lead singer Jack and simultaneously the first track Give me Something. It has a James Bay meets Ben Howard feel and the raw honestly is emotionally beautiful. They continued with Love is like Wild Fire and the contagious Skin and Stone.

Atlantis dipped in and out of airy falsetto while talking about a relationship that failed to set off. Jack’s dramatic vocals howl “In my heart and in my head, I can’t take back the words you saidleaving an on-going chill down my body.

Missing showed more of Jack’s soulful vocal ability and vulnerable performance. It’s easily his most emotional performance and showcased him as a writer with his carefully chosen melodies. If you like James Bay and Pablo Nutini then you will love Seafret you can pre-order their debut album Tell me it’s Real now.


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