Ones To Watch 2016

Ones To Watch 2016

sparkling_2016Well it seems our 2015 ones to watch saw some bands disappear into the ether while others absolutely grabbed it and ran with it – what can we say our tip of Jack Garratt was a whole year early and Blossoms have done extremely well!

So what for next year? Well it seems everyone’s lists are out and to be honest I’ve seen the odd one here and there but I’m not picking bands/acts just because everyone else is. These, just as last year, are the bands that I’m most excited about for 2016. Bands I think are worth keeping your eye on and bands who will undoubtedly shake the music world by the rafters.


Banners started his carer this year under another name entirely, but when your music is as good as this you could probably get away with changing it everyweek because no one would be fooled – that smooth smooth tone, those wonderful melodies. Give me more. Now. Please.

Clean Cut Kid

Well on first listen I wasn’t all that sure and a snap decision had me mistakenly add them to the wrong folder in my emails. Due to a merry soundcloud accident days later I became infected with this bug. The bug was Vitamin C and that was that, I was a goner and have championed them every single place possible- including a tip on Amazing Radio.

Black Honey

I think they’d won me over within the first bar of Madonna back in February this year and everything they’ve released since has just been another nail in the coffin – securing my musical fandom will be theirs. Black Honey became the first band to officially have us say we had a blog crush on them. We’ve since had the pleasure of hanging with them and seeing them play several times – in for a treat – 2016 absolutely must be the year you start getting into them if you haven’t yet.


Natalie McCool

Well I’ve been banging on about Miss McCool now for about 18 months and having the absolute pleasure to have her play at our Xmas party last weekend in aid of Mind was a real real treat. I’ve never heard a bar go so quiet before – all eyes and ears attentive and enthralled. I can’t lie, my hair was stood up on the back of my neck from the brilliance of it all. It was at this show where Natalie announced her recent single Cardiac Arrest will be playlisted on Radio 1 and as of next week it is – so of course now feels exactly the right time for us to tell you – see her now before all her shows start selling out!

Fickle Friends

80s inspired synth-pop music, we were here this time last year with Prides – a band who have had an exceptional year – and a band who I think Fickle Friends could well easily follow in their footsteps. A delight to hang with , a fantastic and tight live set, and tracks that just bring a little sunshine into your day, even on the most gloomiest of days.

Sundara Karma

Our list would be incomplete without an indie band and there’s so many we could pick from but these guys have managed to wangle their way into my inbox more times than I care to mention. They’ve flung out track after track after track, they’ve worked relentlessly bringing in the fans not just at gigs but with social media and attentiveness. They’ve had some decent air play this year but I reckon 2016 could see them hit even higher.


Palace were on our list for 2015 and those who did watch will know that we’ve all had it good this year but soon it’s bound to blow up for this wonderful four piece who have perfected the craft within an inch of its life – can not wait to see what else they will bring in 2016! I also cannot urge you enough to catch them live – Leo’s vocal is so effortless it’s almost difficult to take your eyes off of him, if only to check it’s all really happening (it is!).


A band who I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing many times now and who never, ever fail to turn it up to 10, and give 100% at a show even if they don’t quite have the crowd they deserve. One of the best live bands I’ve seen in years – and I do see more than just a few. Their last album caught my attention and was one of my favourites of 2014. The band may indeed have been around for sometime but having signed an exciting record deal this year, at long last, I’m hoping that 2016 will be their year – and it will be oh so sweet, and very much deserved.

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