Gig Review: PINS




Words: Gary Lambert

Photos: Gaz Jones

As I walked up the steps of the venue I could hear the sound of Pink Kink performing their second track and I was disappointed. I had been looking forward to seeing this oft-whispered about band perform and the noise I could hear was a two-fingered salute to the hype. But to my great fortune the attempt at teenage rock pop like a modern Kenickie (from Grease, not Sunderland) was an aberration. The shrieks and excited frenzy of Munchie Magic was soon replaced with a heady mix of doom, bass and musical art, whilst still keeping the personality of that disliked first listen in the form of Lonely Beautiful Smoker (great song title by the way). From then on in it was more of the same. Pink Kink, welcome to the world of my “new favourite new band” population you.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the latest phase in the journey of Scarlet. And it is a welcome place we have reached. The earliest period of the band is now a memory cast aside in the name of rock and roll. Gone is the fragile indie rock to be replaced by a more heroic sound hinted at by Anyway and inspired by the heroines of Jessie Robinson, Scarlet’s singer and songwriter. As soon as the band opened up with Heavy, I could feel this was an exciting new step for the band and their fans. The band looked reassured on stage too as each member of the team just got on with the business of making music sound big and clever.

I have many pet hates in music but number one is bands with silly names. For me it says you are not taking what you are doing seriously or that you do not believe in yourself to stop being a laugh. Peace And Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali is one such name. It is a one laugh joke that you are stuck with permanently like an uncle asking you to pull his finger until Auntie Val bin bags him. Anyway, that gripe aside PALBMA are amazing. I cannot stress this enough to you. Starting off like Goldfrapp fronted by Mark E Smith and finishing like PiL- sounds a good enough aural journey, but the heart racing ride from start to finish blows the cobwebs away. And the band look cool as fuck too. Image matters, as much as we all wish it didn’t. Every member of this band looks like a rock star should somehow look despite the only similarity between them being a leather jacket. There are big things in store for these cats I am certain. As long as they sort that name out. Or better still become so big that PALBMA becomes a word.


PINS - Gaz JonesNow PINS that’s a name! And they are one hell of a band too. After three very good performances to warm the crowd up, the headliners took to the stage and were beset by some technical difficulties on what they say has been a very troublesome tour. There was no loss of momentum though as it seemed to heighten anticipation. During the set which could have gone on all night without making me lose interest, I felt catapulted back to the early seventies. PINS should not be a modern Manchester band, but they should be a seminal band from New York or San Francisco on the bill with The Doors or The Ramones. Despite that historic analogy, the music is not derivative and pastiche. Rather it shows to the audience that this is a band formed through the love of music. Influences and musical nods to the past are on show constantly, but they are not copied but celebrated and natural. PINS made me want to punch the air and jump around and behave not like a reviewer devoutly attempting to be neutral and unmoving. Another thing about PINS is that their music radiates aggression and vitality. From the band lining up almost on the edge of the stage and staring out to the sneering delights of their brief blast of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. It is confident music and that feeling spreads to the audience.



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