Festival Preview: Bushstock 2016

bushstock 2016 bannerBushstock 2016

Words: Elena Katrina

Price info: Tickets forBushstock Festival 2016 are on sale now £33 (+fees) here.

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bushstock poster 2016 Bushstock Festival remains one of my personal favourite festivals over the season and it’s not just because I’m a huge fan of Communion, who put it all together. I’ve lost track as to how many I’ve been to but I know one thing – I let someone else cover it last year and was left feeling somewhat bereft, so I’m headed back to Shepherds Bush, that great place that is home to St Stephen’s Church and Bush Hall to watch as many bands as I can.

It is also a festival which wholeheartedly supports new music and those making waves, not all acts are attached to the label, that we know of, but of course this year’s headliner’s Bear’s Den, now a duo, not a three piece, who will have all eyes firmly upon them having just announced their second album.

As is so often the case with one day festivals it becomes somewhat tricky to do our  picks, especially as we love and have already supported so many of these acts and don’t want to offend – and despite loving every single track that’s on our comprehensive festival playlist below, there are a few highlights we’re really looking forward to – at least that’s the plan! I could happily stay in the church all day!


Seramic – St Stephen’s Church – 4pm

I’ve already been called their biggest fan by their PR company, which is a little worrying but none the less I continue my support and excited to see this project in these wonderful surroundings where soul, blues and gospel will be right at home.

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Listen to Waiting here:



Pleasure Beach – Bush Hall – 7pm

The first time I heard Go (see playlist) by Pleasure Beach last year I was won over. I’ve, sadlt, yet to see them live and I really want to take this opportunity to get my arse in gear and not just see a bunch of bands I’ve already seen  – though some of those are still on my hit list here too!

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Listen to Magic Mountain Here:



Meadowlark – Sindercombe Social – 7.30pm

It’s been over a year already since I last saw Meadowlark play and that feels like an exceptionally long wait but it’s been for good reason on my part. I found them a little clumsy and awkward on stage, they sounded great but I wanted to wait until they had gotten used to owning the stage as much as they quite clearly own writing and recording. Timing’s a little tight but if we’re not there you really should be anyway!

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Listen to Fly here:



Haus – Defector’s Weld – 8.15PM

If you, like me, are looking for a bit of a party then you’re going to want to catch these guys. I’ve not seen them live but I’ve seen and heard reports and well you just know don’t you – take a listen you know they’re going to be the rock ying to your folk yang.

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Listen to Blinded here:


Listen to the Bushstock Festival 2016 Spotify Playlist powered by Popped here:

Bushstock Clashfinder:

bushstock 16 clashfinder












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