Festival Preview: Liverpool International Music Festival

limf 2016Liverpool International Music Festival 2016

Words Gary Lambert

Price info: Free with notable exceptions – please check the website

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limf 2016 posterLIMF is a series of events both free and ticketed across Liverpool to celebrate Liverpool’s musical heritage, creativity and the upcoming acts bringing hope to the next generation. It is also a great excuse for a party if the sun is shining and Sefton Park is calling. Grab a picnic, sunblock and some friends and take in the largest free musical festival in Europe. If you’re worried about being knocked back from the park, you won’t be. It is huge and there are several stages. The main, Summer Jam, stage is focused on the big hitters which will appeal to all ages and tastes. Well most tastes, if you’re looking for the obscure, awkward and arty then you might need to indulge your inner pop fan.



Stealing Sheep

It seems bizarre in a way to have one of the country’s finest examples of music as an art form playing an afternoon slot at a family friendly festival, but get to the It’s Liverpool stage on Saturday to see these perform. For one, they always put on a show that will live long in the memory, but also they will be like no other act you watch at the weekend. And for any girls making their first steps into music, it is good to see that it isn’t just about the world of pop.

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Listen to This Time here:

Jalen N’Gonda

Whilst we all want to see the headliners and dance to the hits, use the time you have early in the day to check out the talents of Jalen N’Gonda. With a soulful voice and a way of playing sunshine in his fingers, he is going to give you the chance to hear a rare talent before everybody else does.

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Listen to Holler (When You Call My Name) here:



Natalie McCool

With her third album in the bag and waiting for the right time to get in your shopping basket, prodigiously talented and prolific worker Natalie McCool will once again show why she is one of the most well thought of singing talents around.  Her sophomore album showed her ability to add “anthemic” to the list of qualities of her song writing, so this is going to be the kind of show that will turn heads for those who are not expecting something special. Her pledge campaign offers all kinds of goodness too – something you should definitely consider if you enjoy her set or indeed just the song below!

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Listen to Magnet here:


In a year where Adele has crossed over live boundaries and headlined Glastonbury, it seems a good time to take in the vocal arsenal provided by Frances. With soaring vocals and a way around a tune, this star of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts has a reputation that grows with every release and tour. And it is going to cost a lot more to see her in years to come.

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Listen to Don’t Worry About Me here:

Rongo Rongo

Something so rong (sic) can turn out so right. Originally an excuse for a group of mates to get together, jam and have a good laugh has metamorphosed into a serious rock n roll prospect. Full of riffs, tunes and a healthy dash of weirdness Rongo Rongo will give you a sound that you’ve never quite heard before.

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Listen to Faster/Riots here:
Listen to the LIMF Playlist powered by Popped here:

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