Album Review: New Moons Vol 6

New Moons Vol 6

Words: Gary Lambert
new moonsThe sixth volume of the New Moons compilation is being released. It is a mixture of genres filled with up-and-coming acts providing a wide variety. This is not going to be an album that you will stick on at a party, but it would be a great recommendation to provide after a first date with a self-confessed music snob. With twenty six tracks of intelligent, stylish music there will definitely be something for everybody on this album. Depending on the music fan, there could be more than just something for them. With such a variety of music available, I would not ruin the surprise of the tracks, but I have picked a few different tracks out to give you a taste of what is coming when you get this album downloaded. And if you’re a floating voter, to convince you that this slice of new music is exactly what your life and record collection is missing at this point in your life.


As well as band’s we’ve already featured, such as Asylums, Bad Sounds and Fizzy Blood this complication includes new to us acts too, such as  Draper , who brings Down To You to the table. This tune feels straight away like a track you should already know. It is an accessible and smart piece of dance music which steers away from big beats, but has a great summer vibe to it. With the fast drum beat this would not be out of place on a club night, but the traditional high pitched female vocal could easily have you singing along in the car on a day out. With the windows down. Down To You is a song that sunshine feels made for.

A thick slice of good old fashioned punk, but with an absolute wall of guitar noise accompanying it.  This is what comes from The Scenes’ track Hypermobility  Gone are the days of three guitars and a drum kit, The Scenes have more guitar on this two and a half minute thrash about than Fools Gold. As the feedback signals the end of the song, it is perfectly understandable if you need a lie down. This is raw and a kick in the guts.

Then there’s a time where you could imagine Peter Doherty singing over a Red Hot Chili Peppers slow number (you know, when they’re not as irritating) with a heavily effected guitar scratching around all over the chorus. If you like the idea, go to Maya by Eastern Barbers immediately. In fact, that description is so likely to get people annoyed that you should still go to it, begrudgingly admit that it somehow weirdly sounds like that and then start to enjoy.

In contrast you’ll find the beastly baritone John Joseph Brill, who has already one or two fans at Popped Music, and this stripped down number, We Won’t Cry, is ready to tug at your heartstrings. Rather than show off just how powerful and bombastic his voice can be, the real theatricality of it comes through with this number as you can feel the emotion in every syllable. This is the closest on record I have found JJB has come to capturing the majesty of his live performances.


There really is something for everybody on this compilation – and there is also the guarantee that you will find something else you enjoy that you did not expect. Unless you are only focussed on one particular strand of music, in which case New Moon is not for you. And that would be your loss.

Listen to New Moons Vol 6 here:

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