Festival Preview: Leeds Festival 2016

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Leeds Festival 2016

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 Words: Elena Katrina


readingleeds_2016As our “great” British summer draws to a close our festival season feels as though it’s naturally winding down – only it’s not, it’s actually gearing up and Leeds Festival is not only the biggest festival on our festival hit list it’s also the one we get most excited about – perhaps because we know we’re going to be watching some of the newest and some of the biggest names in music.
This year Reading and Leeds have given my 2016 prediction of “Foals will headline this soon” a go and sees the Oxford band finally at the top of the bill alongside Disclosure, with whom they share headline duties. The 1975 climb from a mid day NME/R1 stage slot to headline it, making way for our mates Blossoms, Sunset Sons, Fatherson and Fickle Friends who all get their debut on this stage!
Elsewhere on site our blog mates Clean Cut Kid, Banners, The Vryll Society, Otherkin, Vant and Palace hit up the Festival Republic stage and Sundara Karma have found themselves opening up on the Main Stage! It’s great to see how all of these bands have moved along over the years to get to here. Only we might not get to see them all because our mission is to check out what’s coming up – see who will be headlining those stages in the coming years – over on the BBC Introducing stage and new to 2016 the This Feeling Stage!

With that in mind, below you’ll find our picks of the new for Leeds 2016 and a fabulous exclusive playlist given to us by our friends at This Feeling.




Arctic Lake – BBC Introducing Stage

Having had the pleasure of seeing Arctic Lake play live last Summer they were a band whose performance has stayed with me in it’s impressiveness and beauty and that’s no mean feat when you consider I saw over 300 live performances last year. To hear that they’re back and at Leeds festival I urge you to take time out get to this stage and to enjoy the chilled out and emotive vibes from these guys.

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Listen to Friend here:

Cupids – Jack Rocks Stage with This Feeling

Not new to us and maybe not new to you but they will be a new discovery to some and we wholeheartedly welcome that and encourage it – as we do with all our picks. Cupids create perfect psychedelic-punk power in their recorded tracks and when they bring them to you live they never leave you wanting. Another brilliant band to be added to the Leeds line up that we’re thrilled to be seeing again.

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Listen to Kickin’ here:


Coquin Migale – BBC Introducing Stage

Having had set myself the task to see these earlier this year and only catching  the last song of their set I was annoyed – I’m now less so, safe in the knowledge that my time will come – though let’s not jinx this! Hailing from Newcastle this talented bunch know how to pack a punch, how to write a hook and how to make you want to sing and dance – this is why, I’m sure, that they’re headlining the BBC Introducing stage. You’ll want to catch them here before they head to bigger stages next year for sure.

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Listen to Grindie here:


Happy Accidents – BBC Introducing Stage

Delivering a debut song which probably relates with everyone at some point or another – who doesn’t want to leave a party early? I also hope that these guys aren’t going to be leaving their own party early and that they will actually enjoy their set on their first visit to play Leeds Festival. I feel confident that their set will reveal more morose themes and also a few upbeat ones too. Let’s all stay for this party!

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Listen to Leaving Parties Early here:

Baby Strange – Jack Rocks Stage with This Feeling

Glasgow’s Baby Strange have been featuring on our site since early last year with an early gig review from our Glasgow main man Gary Feeney – he was straight on in there and so right they’re shit hot. It’s only right they’re getting a place at this year’s festival with This Feeling’s stage. They hit exactly the right vibe for this festival and this stage, no wonder they are headlining it! Leeds now has by far an above the better offering of new music and Baby Strange are 100% deserving of this spot.

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Listen to Pure Evil here:



High Tyde – BBC Introducing Stage

I almost can’t believe that High Tyde haven’t already been on the BBC Stage or played Leeds festival – they feel past that point but we are where we are and they are very much still a young band, an emerging band but as you’ll see their set is so tight that you’ll think they’ve been doing this for years. They are going to cause absolute mayhem if their other sets have been anything to go by – don’t miss it! New track Speak gives a hint to the ferocious guitar shredding and absolute crazy levels of energy.

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Listen to Speak here:


Asylums – Jack Rocks Stage with This Feeling

We were thrilled when we saw Asylums were playing what we thought was Leeds festival only to realise it was Reading. You can but imagine our mood swings when we found out they were indeed also playing Leeds as well! Bring it on! I’ve not seen these guys since I saw them play in a tiny pub venue in London 2014 and they were brilliant and full of life then, I can’t wait to see what they will be like now, and how the crowd will react, now that their debut album, Killer Brain Waves, is out!

Find Asylums on Facebook

Listen to Joy In A Small Wage here:




Listen to the Exclusive This Feeling Stage playlist here:

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