Festival Preview: Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia 2016

Liverpool Psych Festival

liv psych fest23rd & 24th September, Camp & Furnace, Blade Factory and District
Tickets available here

Words: Nick Jacques

The Liverpool Psych festival is not something that would usually garner much attention from Popped Music. Acts will be travelling from all corners of the globe to congregate in the city’s glorious industrial haven. Most of the bands that will be appearing at this year’s hotly-anticipated festival will no doubt conjure up mind-expansive experiences by wanting to dwell in the moments and riding with them to see where it takes the audience. This is definitely a festival where the music will take your mind on a journey that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Some of these acts may be a bit high-brow for our usual popped lovers but 1 thing Popped Music loves doing is appreciating fresh and creative talent where it’s due and this year’s Liverpool Psych festival offers it in spades.

In the past this festival has won awards such as best little festival of the year 2015 by NME. Liverpool as a city has also been deemed, by the Guardian newspaper, to be the psychedelic capital of Europe, so it definitely has got some worthy bragging rights! It has earnt widespread positive reviews for its appearances in 2012, 2013 and 2014 too.

From immersive 360 degree art installations being laid on by various artists including the re-united cult psychedelic band Silver Apples to a vinyl pop up stall being set up by Liverpool’s finest vinyl aficionados Dig Vinyl! It promises to be a special weekend, as long as I manage not to spend my entire month’s earnings on random psych vinyl.

This festival is not just about the music though, there are many other interesting and creative activities going on throughout the weekend. For example, there will be a stand-alone warehouse space dedicated to virtual reality art pieces that promises to be both experimental and enthralling for the senses. This is aptly named PSYCH PRYZM. These virtual art pieces will be performed by the likes of Oliver Coates, Bonnacons Of Doom, Big Naturals amongst others.

There are so many other great bands it’s almost impossible to mention them in this preview. Also did I mention that some headline bands by the names of Super Furry Animals and The Horrors are also playing too??? Be prepared to be psyched out!!

Check out the Popped Music Spotify playlist which was a labour of love to put together. I think it offers a wide variety of the talent that will be freaking you out as well as dazzling your senses, perfectly psychedelic. Nice.

Psych Fest will be set in the cavernous yet charming settings of Camp & Furnace, Blade Factory & District. The bands are set to shine in these urban and decadent surroundings. There is so much otherworldly talent on show over the weekend, it’s been difficult to say the least who Popped would like to cover on this mammoth sized line up but I’ve managed to whittle it down to 5 acts that have caught our fancy.




An Italian band based in Berlin. I can’t really pin these guys down as they blend a variety of genres into one enticing melting pot. From edgy post-punk to dub-funk drum rhythms, there should be something for everyone to get involved in (zaire).

Listen to In Zaire here:



I reviewed them for Popped at their show earlier this year at the Hopscotch shows at the Social and I was really impressed by their Unknown Mortal Orchestra/Tame Impala sounds. I’m looking forward to see how they have developed their sound since then. I expect their sound to be both bigger and bolder than when I previously saw them.

Find Cariobi on Facebook

Listen to Lupo here:



Brain Washington

If it’s garage/rock/psych with venomous spike that you are after then look no further than this London based outfit. On the strength of a fully self-produced 7-inch single alone they have earned many positive reviews across the board. Their debut album due to be unleashed this autumn and now is the time to witness Brain Washington before they ascend to greater things.

Listen to L.S.D/Bad Acid here:


Proudly French with a large eclectic production, stellar guitars mixed in with glowing melodies combine to form an entrancing array of musical nuggets. Be prepared to be whisked off on a celestial journey that will equally beguile as well impress you so much you won’t know what hit you.

Listen to Je voudrais être mariée here:


Ulrika Spacek

Imagine Radiohead and Deerhunter jamming together and this is what would probably be created at the end of it. If that comparison isn’t enough to whet your appetite then frankly I don’t know what is. This German outfit have toured with critic’s favourites DIIV and have also performed at several other well-known festivals such as The Great Escape, Paris Psych Fest, London Calling and Visions. With a new album just released too expect Ulrika Spacek to dazzle you with their sublime ethereal vibes.

Listen to Everything, All The Time here:



Listen to the Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia  powered by Popped here:

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