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Words: Gary Lambert

Manchester city centre on a Saturday afternoon in October, it doesn’t strike you as the most obvious venue for a new festival but with Neighbourhood Festival about to open its doors for the first time, it is going to do just that. And potentially turn the music calendar on its head. With the increase in outdoor events over the last decade in particular, we have really seen a seasonal splitting with Spring and Summer being home to a wide variety of festivals and then Autumn and Winter pulling everybody in doors to go to watch specific bands on tour. Neighbourhood Festival is keeping to the style of metropolitan festivals such as The Great Escape and Dot2Dot, but with a weekend that has a very limited chance of sunshine. Have people bought into this idea? Too right they have! Already the festival is sold out of early bird and normal priced tickets. If you want to be there and you haven’t got a ticket, well you best hope that your dreams of becoming a roadie happen overnight. If not, there’s always next year.

As you would expect from a city like Manchester which has a music scene that if you described it as thriving it would be a disservice, there are a good number of local acts playing. Yes, there are the big hitters like Liam Fray and Blossoms, but the likes of No Hot Ashes, Dantevilles and Kaiden Nolan all have slots that will be expected to be busy. And if that does not create an exciting dash of youthful vitality, all of the venues have had their licenses lowered so that they can accept 14+ rather than 18+ in. Yes, this might mean that some people will be tutting about kids getting in the way like villains from Scooby Doo, but there are going to be teenagers there watching bands live instead of on YouTube and that has got to be a good thing surely.


With over 100 acts to watch, don’t get caught out in the queues hoping to see ten minutes of Blossoms or Circa Waves. Get out and about, see as many bands as you can, pester them for selfies AFTER their sets, clap and cheer loudly, and make this Saturday so memorable that putting on Neighbourhood 2017 is a no-brainer.

Ones to Watch


All Tvvins 

This Irish duo have come a long way after taking their history of being in indie bands and adding it to their love of pop music in order to create one of the best debuts released this year of sparkling debut records. There is a fine balance to their music to get you dancing without worrying about losing your indie cool. Find them 1pm Sound Control Basement.

Find All Tvvins on Facebook

Listen to Thank You here:

False Advertising

Now if you like your music so loud and energetic that you are going to spend the next fifteen minutes after the set punching the air then this three-piece is exactly who you need to watch. A word of warning though, the band swap positions on stage so if you think your friend is confused later on telling you about False Advertising with the female singer, whereas you saw them with a female drummer, don’t worry, they’re just that talented. The Deaf Institute at 1.30pm is where you will find this trio.

Find False Advertising on Facebook

Listen to Give It Your Worst here:


Ady Suleiman 

Nottingham-born soulful singer Ady is in the process of turning heads majorly across the music industry across more than just Britain – and a return to the city where his live EP “Live In Manchester” was recorded is going to be a big thing. With a big voice like this, you need a big venue and this must see is in a great slot at The Albert Hall at 8pm. This could be memorable.

Find Ady Suleiman on Facebook.

Listen to Wait For You here:


The Shimmer Band

With their own tour starting right now, The Shimmer Band are likely to be at pretty much peak preparation for this gig and you will get to see why they have been one of the most talked about acts of 2016. Representing the ever present on the music scene city of Bristol, the band sounds powerful, loud and ambitious. Get to Underdog (XOLO) for 1.30pm to check them out.

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Listen to Sunkick here:

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