Live Review: This Feeling, Liverpool

This Feeling

The Jackobins, Broken Witt Rebels, Spares & Seprona

30th September, The Zanzibar, Liverpool

Words: George Holland
Photos: Fi Carroll

This Feeling returned in glorious fashion this weekend with a true to form sell out at Zanzibar. Four bands storming bands in exchange for one of those snazzy new five-pound notes. Who could ask for more?


seprona Setting the pace we were greeted and instantly enthralled by Seprona in an already near-capacity venue. A set with coloured with tinges of Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys and their Sheffield comrades Dead Sons ensues. Latest single How Much Time and set closer Trap Door are already monstrous singles that are both screaming to be given more attention while highlighting immense potential for the band (who humbly thank the audience before coming off to rapturous applause). Brooding and sinister without sacrificing any of the ingredients to make addictive, engaging music; the set doubles up as a friendly warning that all proceeding bands needed to be at the top of their game.


sparesI’d clocked Spares the second I arrived at the venue. They were impossible to miss. Sleeveless denim, glam-rock drainpipes and huge 80s-esque slicked back hair. Like missing cast members from The Lost Boys. Androgynous. Taking their pick of the best features of both sides of the species. They’re impossibly good-looking lads so much so that if I had a girlfriend she’d either be questioning my sexuality or running off with one of them. I’ll admit I wondered whether the band would have the songs to live up to the impeccable style but within seconds of their rousing opener all doubt was cast aside. What followed was a set of unrelenting, raucous punk ushered along by lead vocalist Dean Carne prowling the stage with enough energy and charm to convert any non-believer in the intimate venue. Grim City glistens in a set full of standouts. I can’t stress enough how impressive it is to see them casually turn on the ferocity and blow the roof off as if it were as simple as the flicking of a switch.


broken witt rebelsHailing from Birmingham, Broken Witt Rebels, the only non-local band of the night, made themselves well and truly at home with their brand of bourbon-soaked blues-rock. The west-midlanders didn’t miss a beat and capitalised on the now electric crowd by treating them to another high-octane set. Steeped with hints of Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, and old-school Kings of Leon and coupled with a powerhouse vocalist reminiscent of Nathaniel Rateliff the band were quite literally welcomed with open arms. Ditching the guitar for Low, frontman Danny Core gave us a chance to marvel at just how thunderous his voice is before closing the set with the arena-ready Guns.


the jackobinsUpon their understated entrance it became clear to see that the night’s headliners The Jackobins had already managed to amass a cult following in Liverpool over the past two years. The crowd echoed lyrics back to them throughout, even during unreleased tracks. They have achieved that wonderful and rare level at which a sizeable crowd still feels like a family. Boundless jubilance. Veso Mihaylov’s intricate guitar work. Dominic Bassnett’s headline-ready growl. The whole package. Songs simmer then soar from one moment to the next. Bold and audacious à la Kasabian then quiet and contemplative like early R.E.M. While old favourites The Other Side and Waiting On The Sun went down incredibly well, their new material shows even more promise. A band truly on the verge of something special, it was a blessing to them in front of a home crowd with This Feeling once again demonstrating that the Liverpool scene is back alive, kicking and screaming to be heard.

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