Festival Review: The Tenement Trail 2016

tenement trail bannerThe Tenement Trail 2016

Various, Glasgow 8th October 2016

Words and Photos: Alice Haden

14542591_715825911916520_8601542123068763226_oWith the festival trending on Twitter, hundreds of fans fled the streets of Glasgow (mainly Sauchiehall Street) to find the best kept secrets this industry has to offer. Playing in some of the city’s best venues were the likes of Sweaty Palms, Other Humans, The Ninth Wave, YVES, Indigo Velvet, Tijuana Bibles, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Lewis Capaldi, Pronto Mama; and plenty more. Headlined by none other than Milburn, it was a day to remember.

First up, Glasgow’s own, Sweaty Palms took to Broadcast’s basement stage. A punk-eqsue vibe floats about as the five piece perform their grunge tracks. Each one citing a garage sound and causing chaos throughout the crowd. With a completely packed out venue, it really was a sweaty show.

Performing an alt-pop sound, Other Humans put on a voltaic set – whilst opening for The Art School. A first time view, the four piece did not disappoint. Each track sparking psychedelic synths and honing broad vocals, it’s obvious Other Humans is a name on the need to know list.

14567372_715823421916769_2412928585387567532_oBreaking to stage, The Ninth Wave saw to their goth-pop name with recent cut, Human Touch. Spirling vocals hit at brazen guitars or hypnotic synths before diving into electric chorus’. The walls only grew bigger beneath Broadcast. Post-punk at it’s best, this is a band to see live.

Hailing from Swindon, YVES spun their own web in Sleazy’s. A lively performance from the three piece – it’s no wonder these guys were a promised “love at first sight”. Comprised of Harry, Mitchell and Finn; YVES put their own mark on Glasgow. And with a song titled after the city, why would you not listen to them?

Bringing a taste of paradise, Edinburgh’s Indigo Velvet were no let down. Pop melodies sugarcoat each fruity track, with luscious harmonies and euphonic instrumentals holding the foundations of their tropical sound. The quartet head on tour next month and those aren’t shows to miss.

14570773_715825678583210_4397224758466139882_oAnother grunge band on the radar, Tijuana Bibles bragged alt-pop tracks at the ABC. Their hard-rock swagger pitting them as an amazing live act, each track caused a roar of excitement. A vigorous set was met by the tireless band.

Formerly known as just Declan Welsh, Broadcast welcomed the first set for Declan Welsh & The Decadent West. It was a fierce show, something no one can re-do. As the newly-formed band gave it their all, fans happily reciprocated every movement.

Elusive tracks drew an ever growing crowd into The Art Schools’ Vic Bar. On stage stood Lewis Capaldi, boasting his wondrous voice to the venue. His set creating an envious glow as his songwriting remains almost unbeatable. Lewis Capaldi is a must see.

Their determination places them with a unique sound throughout Scotland’s music scene. The six piece ceases to surpass expectations every time. Indie rock with a hint of soul, they stop before cliché. Pronto Mama are up there with Lewis, another set for the bucket list.

14542370_715824305250014_1725674076789856292_oLastly, headliners, Milburn immediatly caused an outcry from every member in the audience. Ten years since their debut album, Milburn were a highly sought-after act for the evening.

An excited audience made for an excited band. They set O2 ABC into shock, a band with all the power, they brought as much energy possible. A reunion show that wasn’t to be missed, hands were always alifted – obviously holding phones in most. It was a stellar set from a desired band.

One of the most important factors to the day was a viewing of a pre-recorded Tenement TV Sessions with The Lapelles, a tribute to Gary Watson. The Grab Life By Foundation launched last weekend with an all-dayer gig, and they came to Tenement Trail to sell freshly printed bags and t-shirts. Gary fucking Watson.

Until next year Tenement Trail.

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