Live Review: Jordan Allen – Liverpool

Jordan Allen

Byers Club, Liverpool

Words: Gary Lambert

jordan allenA lot of rumours have spread from the Manchester music scene about yet another one off the convey belt provided by Manchester’s commuter belt, a young lad by the name Jordan Allen. Like a tale as old as time, Liverpool acting as staging post for one of his first gigs outside of Greater Manchester. It was the room upstairs at Buyers Club which saw Jordan’s fans turn up in very healthy numbers considering it was a Saturday night with a world championship boxing match taking place in town as well as the usual Saturday night teases.


Opening up for the evening was Liverpool’s Cal Ruddy. Cal’s style is very much influenced by the pre-Beatles era of music from the Mersey with a very skiffle sound. It is probably intended to sound closer to Jake Bugg but it is more reminiscent of something a Cunard Yank would play on a slot on Radio Merseyside. It is unfortunate really that Cal’s natural sound is so out of fashion because he has a very strong collection of songs. As he was performing I found myself imagining the songs being sang in a female folk band as I think his style of songwriting would work with that kind of performer easily. With a gig coming up in The Magnet though with a full band supporting him, it might be better checking him out then to see for yourself. I’m going to give it another go to see how he sounds with accompaniment.


The evening though was all about Jordan Allen and his brand of indie that simultaneously reminded me of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Jamie T. I know that does sound a real cliché of indie inspiration like a club advertising “The BIGGEST indie night in BRITAIN” but he sounded fresh and exciting. In a way, probably the act he shares most in common with is Ratboy but without the madness in his on stage performance. I’m not complaining though. His comment reminding the crowd to “be careful with that, it cost me fifteen quid” as he passed out an inflatable palm tree to get bounced around was wonderfully Coronation Street northern.


The fans loved him. I assume, as I did not check everybody’s accent at the door, that there will have been a healthy following from his stomping ground but it did not turn into a private party full of awkwardness as you are not one of them. Instead those who were there got into the spirit of the night so that Jordan lead from the front and by the time he played his final song I had somehow managed to escape the clutches of the back wall and my usual gig spec and found myself right in front of the stage contemplating bouncing round with people literally half my age. In the end I coyly stayed at the side instead of the centre and bopped away to myself. I don’t think anybody would have noticed if I had done that. I mean nobody really noticed the ten people sat on their friends shoulders in the mosh pit like it was Reading or V. Everybody’s attention was focused on Jordan Allen.


You know what, I think that’s going to be something we are all going to have to get used to.

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