Festival Preview: When In Manchester

When In Manchester

Words: Gary Lambert

The festival takes place on Saturday 17th December and tickets can be found here.

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wimWhat are you doing on the last proper Saturday before Christmas?  Are you traipsing around shops buying gifts that you feel are socially required of you?  Well Popped Music’s Santa Claus tells you right now to throw those plans in the bin immediately.  Buy some gifts online, save some money, save time, and free yourself up to go to The Ruby Lounge in Manchester and celebrate what a tremendous year of new music 2016 has actually been.  There has been a lot of disappointment and heartbreak this year, but rock ‘n’ roll gets inspired by sadness and the past. Regardless of what you’re doing, getting down to catch the 2nd instalment of When In Manchester should be high on your list of things to do.

Credit must be given to the four starlets who’ve created this musical venture, and it would be fair to describe it as a very successful breakthrough. The fact it is in December makes it even better.  Admit it, it just does. And for a one day, one location event, there are so many fantastic bands playing.  We have loads of Popped Music favourites; False Advertising, one of the champions of 2016, The Amazons, who went from an interview with us in February in a flat above a pub to being on the BBC Sound of 2017 list, The Orielles, who’ve recently signed to Heavenly Recordings and are ones to watch at SXSW; and Inheaven, who have arguably blossomed the most out of the plethora of acts this past year. In fact, it was so difficult to pick from those as our ones to watch that we decided to focus on the bands who are going to become your favourites for next year.

I hope the rest of Christmas is going to be as good as this rare old treat.


Indigo Moon

A snapshot of this band would make you think that they were going to be the latest in female-led power pop or maybe even give you a kick in the ballads.  Instead they are well thought of members of the Liverpool psych scene, and with new EP Anatomy on the go they are fresh and ready to expand your mind.  This is the kind of music I imagine Josh Homme to listen to out in the desert.  If he doesn’t today, he will tomorrow.

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Listen to Running Circles here:
Sky Valley Mistress

Offering a dark blues sound, this band come from Blackburn with a bang.  A brash and bold outfit sounding like PJ Harvey fronting Lenny Kravitz’s backing band, there is going to be some grooves heading through the audience as they perform.

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Listen to Smoke Fairy here:
Liberty Ship

Sheffield’s Liberty Ship have a brilliant way to encapsulate a tune with a friendly tone and an ease of acceptance without it sounding derivative and overtly inspired by any one of a number of distinctly inspirational bands.  That is not to say that they are going to provide some shockingly weird sound of the future, instead it is a more timeless and enjoyable style of indie pop.

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Listen to Fire Your Love here:


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