Live Review: Dream Wife – Liverpool

Dream Wife

Buyers Club, Liverpool, 20th January 2017

Words & Photos: Elena Katrina

dreamwife-elenakatrinaWhen Friday 20th January came around it felt like I’d waited such a long time for this gig and it was exactly the kind of show I needed to kick start my return into the gigging scene for 2017. And what a line up too.

One of the support acts of note were local band Haarm. Still in single figures, this was Haarm’s 3rd gig and so it is decidedly short n sweet. They themselves admitted to the crowd that they’re so new that they only have 5 songs. But they are 5 stage ready, radio friendly songs at that. With power, precision and poise Haarm smashed through their set as though they were a dab hand at it.

It was about the fourth time I’d seen Her’s play and each time I feel as if they are feeling more confident in their live show. Playing in front of a gang of your friends is always going to help with this and it was a decidedly different kind of performance to their show for Off The Record back in November. In fact when they request the crowd come forward they put names to the faces of people who take two, three steps forward. “Here’s Alex… he could be your girlfriend and your brother all at once. With his smooth skin and big eyes” – lovely public description of your mate there – I can’t confirm the skin, but he certainly did have big eyes!
An impressive, as well as humorous set is what we were given, never missing a note – and some of those notes are pretty damn smooth I can tell you. As the set got toward the end I started to loose a little bit of interest in the slower tracks, I was hungry by then for the main event and Her’s, while brilliant, hadn’t, for me, quite got their set in the right order to whip us all into a frenzy. Definitely worth a watch or 20 though these guys, that cannot be denied.
dreamwife elenakatrinaDream Wife are a thrilling band to watch, they channel so much into their sets, there’s a surly mix of unsettling sweetness, riot grrl attitude, punk licks and three women up front and centre who you can’t quite take your eyes off as they roam around, each member taking their bit of the pie. Opening defiantly with FUU, lead singer Rakel sweetly sings words that have no right to be sung in such a way, her eyes and mannerisms both adding to the unsettling slur before the song thrashes its way into your face as she screams “I’m gonna fuck you up”. A strong statement to open up with and it certainly put a stop to any uncertainty in the room about what to be expected. It basically screamed “we’re here, pay the fuck attention already”.

It was the band’s second show in Liverpool having played for Liverpool Music week only a few months ago they had clearly won fans as the crowd was solid for a still new to Liverpool band. Smashing it. I love how the band move on stage, interact with each other, with the crowd and how, for me at least, they live up to any hype around. My favourite track is still Hey Heartbreaker, which they kept until the end but I am starting to have quite a soft spot for Lolita.

I’m already on tenterhooks waiting for them to come back to Liverpool again, to sprinkle their magic blend of off kilter pop punk, akin to the likes of early day Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and Le Tigre,  all over the place. I feel certain their crowd is going to grow and grow over this coming year.Watch this space.


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