Live Review: Marsicans – Manchester


The Deaf Institute, Manchester, 18th February 2017

Words & Photos: Rebecca Mason

marsicansWhen it comes to plans for a Saturday night, I can’t think of a better place to be than The Deaf Institute. This time my favourite venue was host to Leeds four piece, Marsicans’ for the first date of their ‘Friends’ headline tour. Support came from Ravellas, Cultures and The Chadelics.
The first to take to the stage were Ravellas, with the room already filling up it didn’t take long for an atmosphere to build. Good old indie pop with infectious melodies had the crowd singing along and swaying back and forth, getting the evening off to the perfect start. There was no fancy dance moves or boring conversation from the Wigan band, just good, honest and enjoyable indie pop.
Following on from Ravellas were my favourite of the three supports, Manchester based three piece Cultures. With a warmer, more intimate feel than the first band, Cultures played a beautiful, emotional feeling set with indie rock guitar riffs and stunning vocals. The crowd weren’t quite as involved as with Ravellas’ set, with the room having emptied out a little early on. Still, Cultures really captured my attention and left me wanting to hear more, definitely deserving of a more attentive crowd.
Last up before the headliners were The Chadelics, the crowd instantly filled as they walked on stage and kicked off their set of loud, slightly punk like indie rock. It didn’t take long for mosh pits to form in the middle of the room as friends and fans of the band threw themselves around the room to the sound of fast riffs and infectious vocals. They definitely received the best crowd reaction of the night, complete with crowd surfers and chants. For me, the set seemed to drag on a bit, feeling slightly repetitive toward the end but The Chadelics definitely know how to get a crowd moving.
Last but certainly not least it was time for headliners Marsicans. Taking to the stage in shirts almost as vibrant as the performance they were about to give, the room filled out with fans of all ages ready for a set filled with songs easily capable of becoming indie anthems.
Wasting no time in spreading their energy and enthusiasm, Marsicans started the set with their huge track ‘Arms Of Another’  instantly improving the mood in the room with a big chorus and plenty of hooks. With the colourful shirts and catchy, bouncy tunes combined The Deaf Institute almost felt like summer. It’s clear to see that Marsicans are capable of playing big stages, their energy is infectious and refreshing, especially compared to a lot of bands around at the moment, who never look all that pleased to be on stage.
New single ‘Friends’  is yet more proof that these guys are packed with potential, it’s the perfect festival song, deserving of an energetic, bouncing crowd which unfortunately didn’t happen in Manchester. There’s no reason why Marsicans can’t be at the same level as a band like Sundara Karma, and I have no doubt that they soon will be.
The highlight of the set came courtesy of SwimmingI’ve had it stuck in my head since hearing it live. Joyful guitar and another bold chorus just makes you feel like you’re in a field in the summertime, having the time of your life at a festival. The smiles on Marsicans’ faces are firmly stuck there from start to finish, and for the most part the crowd is the same.
All to soon, the set was over and done with, leaving me wanting more from the Leeds lads, but never the less, I left Deaf Institute feeling refreshed, happy and with new bands to add to my playlists, a successful night by my standards.

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