Festival Preview: Threshold 2017 Pt1

threshold 7 bannerThreshold Seven

31st March -2nd April 2017

Tickets for Threshold Seven are on sale Online now

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popped threshold posterThreshold Festival, now in it’s 7th splendid year, is a collaborative approach to a festival – with many other people involved in curating the music stages and events and this year we are thrilled to announce our involvement with the Popped Music Stage!

This year not only are we pleased to continue to be a media partner for this brilliant festival but we are also hosting a stage of new and emerging music and not just from the NW but from across the UK.

In this particular preview we will be concentrating on our own stage but in future previews we will be taking a look at several other promoters who are also hosting a stage at Threshold Festival 2017 so you can see what else is on offer!

In order to help all of this happen Threshold Festival are asking for you to help raise the shortfall in missing out on funding this year  – all you need to do is click here and donate to their Crowdfunder campaign. We sincerely urge you to help us and them and new music get this casheroo so we can all continue to thrive.

This project has been approved for funding through the Artists + The Crowd match funding. If this project reaches 75% of its initial target it will automatically receive the final 25% from Arts Council England.

**Poster with love and thanks to Georgia Flynn**


False Advertising

We have been massive fans of False Advertising here for well over a year and it’s been great to see how far they have come – and we’re thrilled that they will play our stage just a week after they hit up the biggest new music festival of all time – SXSW in Texas. We just know they will blow everyone away both in the USA and back on home soil, this time in Liverpool. Expect it to be loud and expect it to be brilliant  – did we mention how excited we are?

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Listen to Not My Fault here:


Coquin Migale

The first time I heard LUV by Coquin Migale I was in love and then I’ve been able to see them play live several times and have been desperate to get them a show in Liverpool for Popped Music. It’s pretty safe to say that we are beyond happy that these guys are coming back to Liverpool from their hometown in Newcastle. You can expect plenty to see on stage, and plenty of witt, as well as great renditions of tracks from their debut album, released in 2016 on Fierce Panda no less.
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Listen to LUV here:



Leeds band Marsicans are no stranger to Liverpool so we’re hoping their mates will come out to play as well as all the indie faithful from the city because this is a band whose current single is catchy as hell and we don’t know about you but we really want to hear everyone singing along to this one (you can become a fan from right now – their current single, Friends, is below). They’ve also just signed a record deal too to indie label LAB Records – it’s all go. So  be sure to come and see them early on in their career.

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Listen to Friends here:


Fond Of Rudy

Fond Of Rudy have been on our radar for a while and we are so delighted that they are willing to make the rather long journey up from the south coast and all it’s lovely shores to play for us at Threshold. With a 80s electronica vibe and plenty of indie pop these are a yet another perfect addition to our line up. Not long after they play our stage for Threshold they’ll be jetting off to Canada where they’ve won themselves a slot at Canadian Music Week!


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Listen to Say Something here:



We are so chuffed that we are getting to host Birmingham’s Cinema on our stage – not just because they’re great but also because we are getting to host one of our playlist poll winners from 2016! And that’s a massive thrill! The band recently got to support indie funsters Theme Park in their home town and are currently busy planning their next move – part of which is obviously to join us to play for you at Threshold Festival! Bring it on!

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Listen to Sunlight here:



We are opening up our stage with a giant wedge of fuzzy rock n roll from Leeds based band Fans – and fans is what we are and is what we hope you’ll all become. Their latest single Not In Love has been doing quite well on Spotify, and there’s definitely a big Strokes shaped space waiting to be filled right now and our money is on these guys – come and see them and see if you agree. This is going to be some way to open up our stage – and loudly! Absolutely can not wait!

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Listen to Not In Love here:


Tickets for Threshold are on sale now! The Popped Music Stage is at District on 31st March. 

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