Festival Preview: Threshold 2017 Pt2

threshold 7 bannerThreshold Seven

31st March -2nd April 2017

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Threshold Festival, now in it’s 7th splendid year, is a collaborative approach to a festival – with many other people involved in curating the music stages and events and this year we are thrilled to announce our involvement with the Popped Music Stage!

In this particular preview we have Michael Edward, promoter and owner of Loner Noise who is presenting the WRONG stage at this year’s festival at District on Saturday 1st April. Their stage features  Hey Colossus / Elevant / God On My Right / Federãles / Salt the Snail / Forever in Debt.

“Threshold Festival is a wonder. It’s done by people who only care about the music. It’s often the first festival Liverpool bands get to play and is a sprawling monster that encompasses its entire grassroots scene. It has a collective style attitude, in that it’s as much about the headliner as the first band on, and it’s thoroughly encompassing of every genre and art form you could possibly imagine.
With the bands on the lineup we wanted to create something that represents all aspects of the underground rock scene that’s developing now, much the same as our larger Wrong Festival.”



Hey Colossus

“Hey Colossus are one of my absolute favourite bands. They released two albums in 2015 that were both potential albums of the year. They do psychedelia and heaviness in a way that I’ve never heard another band do, inverting things like having the lead guitar be clean and the rhythm be dirty, and producing their psychedelia through sheer force.”

Find Hey Colossus on Facebook

Listen to Hop The Railings here:



“Elevant and Federãles are both on the Loner Noise label, Elevant being my band and Federãles being a new proposition. Elevant have been doing our riffs+grooves+hooks+everything else thing for a few years now and are putting out a new EP shortly after Threshold that we recorded at Abbey Road.”
Find Elevant on Facebook

Listen to Hide It Away here:



“Federãles are an absolute livewire act, and when I first saw them they reminded me of The Stooges in their energy.”

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Listen to  Negator here:

God On My Right

“God On My Right are a fantastic duo, making industrial tinged music with a plethora of drum machines, keys and effects. They remind me of Nine Inch Nails or Health, which is high praise.”


Find God On My Right on Facebook 

Listen to Black Rope here:

Salt The Snail

“Salt the Snail is the band of DIY scene lynchpin Krystian Hudson, who’s been running shows full of weird and wonderful bands under the Yeah Buddy banner for 3 years now. They’re a killer hardcore band with a wicked sense of humour.”
Find Salt The Snail on Facebook

Listen to Junkyard Cat (demo) here:

Forever In Debt

“Finally, Forever in Debt are a from the gut, anguished, primal scream, with emotional vocals and a hell of a lot of distortion.”
Find Forever In Debt on Facebook

Listen to Chewing Bees here:

Tickets for Threshold are on sale now!

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