Festival Preview: Threshold 2017 Pt3

threshold 7 bannerThreshold Seven

31st March -2nd April 2017

Tickets for Threshold Seven are on sale Online now

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Threshold Festival, now in it’s 7th splendid year, is a collaborative approach to a festival – with many other people involved in curating the music stages and events and this year we are thrilled to announce our involvement with the Popped Music Stage!

In this particular preview we have Krystian Hudson, promoter and owner of Yeah Buddy DIY and local Liverpool promoter who is presenting his stage MATES FEST ’99 at this year’s festival at on Friday 31st March. Their stage features Table Scraps/SPQR/Sweet Deals on Surgery/Lilium/Disastronauts.

“We are over the moon to be able to run a stage at Threshold Festival for the 2nd year running. I believe it is one of the most important festivals around due to their care and attention toward grassroots arts and music. This is the first big festival most unsigned and independent bands will play and that is so important.

When you look back at the previous 2 years you can see a ton of acts who’re doing really well like Xam Volo, Peaness, Natalie McCool, Johnny Sands, Pink Kink, Her’s who all would likely cite Threshold as their first big festival appearance.

This will be the 4th year that we have worked with Threshold after doing media in 2014 and ’15 then running our own stage last year, this year we will be running a stage, doing some coverage and playing it with our own band Salt the Snail which is pretty damn exciting. One of the best independent festivals of the year

We’re calling this show ‘Mates Fest ’99’ because we’ve booked all our most favourite and closest bands who we’ve loved forever at least.”


Table Scraps

“Visceral alt-rock brilliance from England’s black heart, the Midlands. Seriously though, you’d think it would be impossible to make razor sharp, abrasive songs sounds so crisp and precise. Table Scraps manage it release upon release and they’ve done it without a blemish for 3 years now.”
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Listen to Electricity here:



“Perhaps the foremost darlings of Liverpools DIY music scene. They have built an almost cult like aura around themselves, releasing brilliantly jaunty art-rock single ‘Talking to the Dead’ and ‘Plink’ as well as playing live sets so unpredictable you can almost smell the discomfort around you.”
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Listen to Push & Pull here:


Sweet Deals on Surgery

“Expect a frantic and unnervingly manic live set from one of the best independent punk bands in the country. They released their debut album ‘The Snake and The Snoozer’ via Liverpool based Antipop Records last year and it was an absolute doozy. Sharp, snappy and sickeningly catchy alt-punk bangers all round.”

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Listen to Lets Trade Places here:



“They hooked in a huge following by playing a heap of massive live sets throughout 2016 before signing to Deathly Records for the release of their debut single/video ‘Disappear’. It was received with the warmth of a big hug from your grandmother and has gotten people talking pretty damn highly of them.”

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Listen to Disappear here:



“One of the most vibrant and energetic live acts that Liverpool has produced in the past couple of years. They’re still in their early stages having only released one single in ‘I’m Not Stupid’. That has sparked an excitement around they have compounded with their frenetic and entertaining live sets.”
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Listen to I’m Not Stupid here:

Tickets for Threshold are on sale now!

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