Festival Preview: When In Manchester

When In Manchester

15th April – Various Venues NQ, Manchester

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Words: Julia Grantham

Are you sick and tired of all the insipid mainstream music out there in the world today? Perhaps, like me, you are increasingly bored of all the mass-produced stuff that’s forced upon us at every possible marketing opportunity, that’s blasted out of supermarket speakers, injected into adverts, and generally making for a very dull and unpleasant background noise on a daily basis? Of course you are, and that’s why you’re reading this. Congratulations on choosing to read this most excellent blog which champions and promotes new, quality music! Are you willing to go a little further perhaps, and get out there and support local bands in an exciting, day long affordable Manchester-based festival? Read on music lovers, this is exciting stuff.

Last year, in 2016, four talented young women had an idea to create an event which would highlight, showcase and promote new, up and coming bands that might otherwise not have the opportunity to get together and play their music. These girls are now putting on their third instalment of this unique and brilliant festival, When In Manchester,  which offers music fans the chance to see a whole host of fantastic new bands in this up-the-minute event which has already proven to be a huge hit, not just being nominated for several awards, but hugely popular with fans too. Don’t miss this opportunity to come along as early bird tickets are already sold out! This Easter weekend, you can still stuff your faces silly with chocolate eggs and Sunday dinner and keep Easter Monday to yourself, it’s the Saturday you need to keep free, and you won’t regret it.


Spread across several favourite Northern Quarter haunts: Night & Day cafe, Gullivers, The Castle and Newton Street newbie Jimmy’s, this will be a compact area in which to meander to and from, and these venues are surely known to any discerning music fan in the Manchester area. I’m very excited to finally get to see Ethan & The Reformation, friends of a favourite band of mine Cupids who played at the very first When In Manchester in April 2016. I also can’t wait to write about The Strawberries who hail from my home town of Leeds and whom I was fortunate enough to see last Autumn. Girl band The Tuts are going to be another fabulous band to finally see live and write about! This is definitely a festival not to be missed! Get your tickets NOW!


Ethan and The Reformation

Heavily influenced by 60s psychedelia are Manchester 5 piece Ethan and The Reformation. Having only formed in 2015, this band have been steadily gaining interest on the Manchester scene and their latest single, Hollandia is superb. With a steady, catchy bass line this song demonstrates a solid guitar sound, strong vocals, melodic guitar passages and an appealing modern Indie rock sound. This track is reminiscent of 70s rock, yet the sound is effortlessly transformed into a contemporary version. The end result is a passionate, confident track which you cannot help but tap your feet along to as you listen! I’m very excited to finally get to see this band perform a full set. Watch this space.

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Listen to Hollandia here:


The Strawberries

Based in Leeds, this Rock n Roll Indie 4 piece The Strawberries are very exciting. See them now while you still can. They’ve toured with the likes of Blossoms, The Kooks, have sold out headline shows and about to embark on a huge UK tour. In fact, when I got in touch with them recently they told me they were heading off to another gig on the same day as this one! Their single Laburnum-house is very catchy, melodic, melancholy and with irresistible trademark Indie vocals. They have been earmarked by This Feeling as a band to hit the big time in 2017. See them in a small venue before it’s too late!

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Listen to Laburnum House here:


The Tuts

These girls are the personification of cool. The Tut: an indie punk trio from West London, here is another band who won’t be performing at small venues for long. About to embark on a May UK tour, and supporting Feeder on some dates, these London lasses are going from strength to strength since their formation in 2011. I love their lyrics, full of contemporary issues about life today as a woman such as sexism and feminism. Vocals are sung in their native London accent, making their music very personal. I just love this song: Let Go Of The Past. It’s gutsy, bold, and makes you wanna throw yourself around and dance. I can’t wait to see them playing a full set next month1

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Listen to Let Go Of The Past here:


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