Gig Review: Jack Rocks 7, London

Jack Rocks 7

Seabright Arms, London, April 2017

Words: Laura Smallwood + Taylor Smith

Photos: Alan Wells

Like you would expect of all This Feeling Jack Rocks events last Tuesday at London’s infamous Sebright Arms was an absolute scorcher. Yet again packed from start to finish, yet again the JDs were flowing throughout and yet again pure, undeniable talent from each and every band. However, this night had a little bit of a twist to it. The event was an invite only sneak peak into the type of talent Mikey Jonns and Jack Rocks would be providing us all with over the summer – and nobody was disappointed. For anyone lucky enough to be there who wasn’t already desperate for festival season to come would have been by the end of the night.

The event was in honour of the Jack Rocks 7 – a group of bands set to play 4 festivals together over summer and guaranteed to take them all by storm. Seven acts all fresh and individual as they come and each a headline act in their own right – if their past accomplishments weren’t enough to prove this, then this was.

Bang Bang Romeo lit the fuse for an explosive night. They conquered the task of filing the room immediately, a tough goal for any act first on. The audience drew closer as they were encapsulated by lead singer Anastasia Walker, with a voice so dynamic and a stage presence so entrancing it was impossible to look away.

The Sound of White Room filled the air next. This fuzzy, psych rock 5 piece recently returned from supporting Paul Weller on his UK tour. The harmony laced hypnotic riffs infused the youthful energy with an air of professionalism that was way beyond their years. They oozed charisma throughout the set and dominated the stage – and the new songs were an absolute treat.

They were followed by The Wholls who kept up the pace with an infectious wave of pure unadulterated rock and roll. This Bedford four-piece packed a punch with their hard hitting drum beats, grungy riffs and passionate lyrics topped off this heavy concoction. Easy to see why they were recently signed by Sony.

Next to take the stage was The Blinders. Having already seen them many times before we knew what these musicians are capable of and, of course, we were not let down. From the moment they get on stage you can feel their energy and this builds before you throughout the performance.

Broken Witt Rebels blew the audience away next. The strength and country rock flare of Danny Core’s vocals can be compared to the greats, such as, Caleb Followill. Their stage presence is something you can’t imagine ever getting bored of and as always, their technical skills are practically flawless.

The Sundowners are a feisty force to be reckoned with – the only band of the night we had not had the chance to see previously – and we were totally blown away. They had an air of cool from start to finish. They are our new obsession.

The night was finished off with a dramatic set from Trampolene. Jack Jones not only knows how to hold a crowd, he knows how to become part of the crowd. Spending basically no time on stage and mixing with friends and fans throughout was the perfect way to show the family orientated vibe that being a This Feeling band sets you up with – and was the perfect way to end the night.

The success of the night is only the start. Make sure you get down to either The Great Escape, Isle Of Wight, TRSMT or Reading… or all of the above. We will see you there! If Tuesday was anything to go by, we are going to have a killer summer.

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