Festival Preview: Bushstock 2017

Bushstock 2017

Words: Elena Katrina

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Bushstock Festival remains one of my personal favourite festivals over the season and it’s not just because I’m a huge fan of Communion, who put it all together. I’ve lost track as to how many I’ve been to but I know one thing – I let someone else cover it a few years ago and was left feeling somewhat bereft, so I’m now always keen to make sure I’m the one that gets my butt to Shepherds Bush, that great place that is home to St Stephen’s Church and Bush Hall, to watch as many bands as I can.

It is also a festival which wholeheartedly supports new music and those making waves, not all acts are attached to the label but some are and it’s just a beautiful collaboration.

As is so often the case with one day festivals it becomes somewhat tricky to do our  picks, especially as we love and have already supported so many of these acts and don’t want to offend – and despite loving every single track that’s on our comprehensive festival playlist below, there are a few highlights we’re really looking forward to – at least that’s the plan! I could happily stay in the church all day!

Ones To Watch


Mosa Wild – The Courtyard – 3pm

I’ve not seen Mosa Wild yet but their debut single hit a chord with me and has lived somewhere in my music filled brain and heart ever since so with Bushstock being the first opportunity I’ve had to check them out live I’m also hoping you’ll join me in this pilgrimage.

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Listen to Smoke here:



John Joseph Brill – Defector’s Weld- 3.30pm

Cutting it fine to run to see John Joseph Brill after Mosa Wild but we promise if you can make it in time you’ll be so glad that you did. We saw JJB mulling around at last year’s festival so we’re so glad he’s back and playing this year. In fact this is the 2nd time in a few weeks we have made him one of our festival ones to watch, and with so much choice, that is saying a lot. He has a stunning tone and his lyrics are majestic in their beauty. Plus this is a man who has a sense of humour as big as his stature and despite the subject matters you’ll still find your self leaving with a smile on your face.

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Listen to Muscle and Bone Here:



FOURS – Defector’s Weld – 4.30pm

I’ve been a big fan of Fours since their debut single release and never seen them live and I have no idea how the hell that has happened. So seeing as they are on straight after our pal JJB it makes perfect sense for us to be staying put to see them. Infectious melodies, punchy vocals and a huge dollop of pop synths and dancing bass lines means I’m confident that we’re all going to enjoy this upbeat set.

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Listen to Fade Into Love here:



Banfi – Traid – 7PM

I’ve seen Banfi quite a few times now, in fact just last weekend in Manchester at Dot to Dot, and it’s always a stunning performance so I was in no doubt that I would be sending you lovely lot off to see them at Bushstock. It was a no-brainer! The crowds for them have been growing steadily gig on gig and with a headline tour happening later this year you’ll be wanting to see them play in a smaller venue before you don’t have that chance any more.

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Listen to Happy When You Go here:


Island – Sindercome Social – 9.30PM

Another band that I’ve seen on numerous occasions, though not as many as I would have liked, by far. They’re an incredible band to listen to but to see live they’re a whole new kettle of fish all together. The band work  together, enjoy the show together and your eyes will flit across the stage to try and capture it all. I could just start throwing out random positive words and they’d all pretty much cover how I feel about this band. An absolute favourite.

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Listen to All You Ever Needed Was Love here:



Listen to the Bushstock Festival 2017 Spotify Playlist powered by Popped here:


Bushstock Clashfinder:












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