Live Review: Lucy Rose – Brighton

Lucy Rose

The Old Market, Brighton, 4th November 2017

Words & Photos: Chloe Hashemi

I’ve always liked Lucy Rose. Having seen her live a couple of times over the past few years, I have always enjoyed watching her do her thing. But the key thing to know is that before the other night, I had only just liked her and her music. But boy was a proven wrong. Rose’s gorgeous performance at my favourite Brighton venue firmly changed my mind on the singer/songwriter for good, and quite frankly blew me away.


The evening began with a really honest performance from Charlie Cunningham. Right from the start of the night, you could tell that this sold out show had brought in the best kind of crowd. It seemed that the room was full of real acoustic music fans, and attentive and generous ones at that. Both and Charlie and Lucy responded in the best way to the thunderous applause after each and every song, which really helped each artist reach their full performing potential. It seemed apparent from the approving silence throughout Charlie’s set that the crowd were taken aback by his raw talent. In response to this welcoming audience, Charlie admitted to us that he loves Brighton “for many reasons”, having performed here quite recently for this year’s infamous Great Escape festival. He then went on to say that the show had been the best of the tour so far. The crowd loved this, and this geared everyone up for Lucy’s headline slot.


When it was Lucy Roses’ turn to take the stage, the crowd erupted to the kind of applause that makes you want to woop and cheer along to. I hadn’t seen anything this supportive and loving from a crowd in a long time. You could tell Lucy and her band were really taken aback by this reception, a truly magical thing to witness.


The moment Lucy starting singing, the crowd calmed and slipped back into their saintly silence, no one whipping their phones out to film the massive chunks of the set, which is always nice to see. This night was all about the music, and the Lucy’s angelic vocals, which perfectly fit the acoustics of this historic venue.


To continue with the real genuine nature of this gig, Lucy confessed that she always finds the first two songs the hardest, and she wishes that she was someone who was “born for the stage”. This display of vulnerability only made the crowd (myself included) love Lucy even more, making a fan at the back of the room yell “YOU SMASHED IT!” to try and put any of Lucy’s insecurities to bed. By this point, it was clear that Rose really had the crowd in the palm of her hand. And with that, Lucy and her band played their way through a really meaty set list, playing a great mix of her first two albums Like I Used To and Work it Out and her new album Something’s Changing, The latter of which Lucy recorded in “in this very town”, Brighton.


I think the thing that really made me love Lucy not just as a performer, but as a person, was something she spoke about while tuning instruments between songs. She mentioned that due to the subject matter of many of her songs, she gets a lot of people coming up to her after gigs and on social media, saying how much her music has helped them, many of whom actually share intimate details of their suffering. Lucy explained that she truly appreciates the trust she receives from her fans, and sometimes she these stories actually keep her up at night. She went on to explain that the horrible way of the world blows her mind, and she gets stressed about how there is nothing she can do about it or to practically help any of her fans. She then went on to play the title track of her latest album, I Can’t Change It All, which she said was her way of dealing with this problem, and saying to her fans that she has their backs, doing what she does best.


With the most genuine display of an encore I have ever seen (Lucy admitted that they very rarely do them), it seemed that the artist has a real soft spot for Brighton and all her fans here. There was something about how sincere Lucy’s performance was, combined with her undeniable talent for song writing that made me warm to her in a way I never had in the past. One thing’s for sure, next time she’s in town, I will make sure to get my ticket before it sells out again!



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