Album Review: Dream Wife – Dream Wife

Dream Wife

Released 20th January 2018

Words: Elena Katrina (aka Dream Wife Fan Girl)

Dream Wife have repeatedly blown my cotton’s off in a live show, far too many times that I can remember, over the last few years and so to now be faced with their debut album is a mixture of both elation and grief. That might be the strangest thing I’ve ever said and that you’ve ever read. The elation is obvious but the grief? Well…. it’s just that the excitement leading up to the debut album over the last few years has been almost palpable for me. I’ve said it over and over “I can’t wait for the album” and now it’s here and even with other albums they bring, no one will ever match the excitement for me of a loved band’s debut. Especially when it more than matches my expectations.

They’ve been in and had a little play around with some of their older tracks in production so the album feels sleek and sexy. I’d not say it’s taken anything away it’s just a little more… shiny. Live nothing is shiny, everything is red raw and emotive. Let’s Make Out, the album’s opener does a great job of mixing this shiny production with the band’s rawness. The screams of these fabulous girls can never really be dulled down. Bass lines dance, guitars slash their way through.

Of course, as a long standing fan, and I shit you not when I proudly tell you I have been named, and in writing as “the best bad bitch of Liverpool” so I know the majority of these songs from live sets and previous recordings. Of course there are new tracks, or treats, as I like to call them. Act My Age is a known track but here reminds me of Karen O, it’s only really hit me now listening to it that there’s that element to Dream Wife. Early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a squeeze of Le Tigre for good measure. Spend The Night, a treat track, delivers the goods – punky in attitude and message, sweetly sing-sonngy in parts and then that punch on the chorus brings together all the key ingredients of a classic Dream Wife track.

Lead singer Rakel has a special gift in that she has the most beautiful tone when she sings and then, bam! his guttural monster crawls up and escapes and you would be forgiven for not thinking it was even the same singer. She has an incredibly versatile and yet instantly recognisable vocal and this album really shows this off particularly nicely.

Hey Heartbreaker is one of my favourite tracks of the past few years in general. It was probably the song that made me move from being interested in Dream Wife to a borderline psychotic mega fan. Don’t even ask what happened when I lost my (turns out replaceable) Dream Wife badge (mini hissy fit probably sums it up). Anyhooo here it is sounding just as exciting, lovingly held in place by Fire and Love Without Reason.  

I can’t leave you without continuing to further enthuse about this album and indeed it’s closing song – FUU. If ever I am feeling like I can’t do something or like I need a bit of a reminder of my bad bitch status this comes on and a little spark ignites in my brain and another in my heart. These are strong females with the guts to say whatever they want, fight for what they want  and it seems to me in the week when we celebrate 100 years since women got the vote that we should damn well celebrate the female greatness that is Dream Wife too, because I doubt I would be the only one who take a little bit of inspiration from some of what emanates from this band.

Listen to Dream Wife here:



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