Festival Preview: The Great Escape 2018

The Great Escape 2018

Words: Elena Katrina

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The Great Escape is well known as the ultimate festival in the UK for new and emerging music and we’re thrilled to be attending again this year. Our first visit officially as press, to catch up with many bands we’ve been following a while and clutching onto the hope that we’ll end up somewhere unexpected, going with the flow and finding new bands to fall in love with. Because that’s the best thing about festivals; discovery.

Check out the music line up here.

Aside from a hefty list of bands to watch, those who have themselves conference tickets will be treated to conversation and access to information to some of the music industry’s heavyweights. From tech, to live, to songwriting, they’ve got it covered.

Find out more about the conference here.




2:30pm Thursday
7:15pm Thursday
I’ve picked Lucia because she keeps escaping me. I’m clearly not chasing her down hard enough but I plan on changing that next weekend. She’s been catching the attention of our writer Gary Feeney up in Glasgow, home of Lucia, and anything he talks about I always want to see. With bubblegum pop and gritty psych garage, it’s all a bit dreamy. I’ll have my ice cream any which way she wants to give it to me!
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Listen to Melted Ice Cream here:

Dermot Kennedy 

9:00pm Thursday
4:00pm Friday
10:00pm Friday

I started listening to Dermot Kennedy last year after a pesky algorithm caught me on the hop. It took a few listens but eventually I became hooked. My first live experience was watching him play in 30 degrees heat in a tracksuit in a church in Austin where I was shocked to see who I thought was a stage tech turn out to be “the singer.” Only Dermot is no “singer” he’s a freaking master. I’ve already seen him twice in almost as many months and not afraid to say I’ll be making it a hattrick next weekend to catch this utter powerhouse of a vocal and let him once again set my heart aflutter.

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Listen to Moments Passed here:



Bad Sounds  

11:15pm Friday

Bad Sounds are a band I can’t quite place when I first heard them, I think it was a random encounter from a name on a poster from a gig I saw posted on Facebook. They captured my imagination though and their live set was as thrilling to watch as I had hoped, with their upbeat funk laden indie pop. I hope you’re going to join me for this one. They make music perfect for sync too so no doubt you’ll have heard of their music, even if you haven’t heard of them – yet!

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Listen to Evil Powers here:



Queen Zee 

10:45pm Thursday

Swear Words. That’s what you’ll be using when you see Queen Zee (who seem to have lost their Sasstones) and when you leave from seeing these. Lots of swear words – followed by AMAZING! LOUD! And so many other positive words. Queen Zee have exploded onto not only their local scene up in Liverpool but across the country building fans far and wide. Their politically-charged powerful punk-rock sound will have you not just jumping along in the crowd but feeling the fight, feeling the pain, loving the euphoria of expression and enjoying the show.

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Listen to Victim Age here:


Lewis Capaldi 

This is a singer-songwriter I have yet to see live and it’s been killing me. I’m hoping that this will be the first time and I’m sure I’m going to be in the minority of people who haven’t already seen him and fallen in love with his incredibly rich vocal. I’m not even sure it counts to be new and emerging if your track has over 10million views on youtube, even though I am sure I’ve contributed to many of those plays.  I have high hopes and no expectations for what Lewis’ live set will be like… A full band? Acoustic? Piano? Literally, no idea and I’m excited to discover it all. Come discover, or not, with me.


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Listen to Rush here:

Suzi Wu

10:15pm Friday
6:30pm Saturday
This young lady is going to go places, and The Great Escape is just the tip of the ice burg. With a strong, feisty and independent focus Suzi Wu manages to somehow mix elements of grime and punk. She’s 2018s answer to Debbie Harry, only rather than a band she has a guitar and a guy with a million buttons and keys.  Her confidence onstage belies her age, she must have been doing this since she was born. She is a true musical force and I spent more than “price my per record” allowance, just to own a piece of her early vinyl and call it mine.
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Listen to Taken Care Of here:

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