Festival Preview: Bushstock 2018

Bushstock 2018

Words: Elena Katrina

Price info: Tickets forBushstock Festival 2018 are on sale now £35 (+fees) here.

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Bushstock Festival remains one of my personal favourite festivals over the season and it’s not just because I’m a huge fan of Communion, who put it all together. I’ve lost track as to how many I’ve been to but I know one thing – I let someone else cover it a few years ago and was left feeling somewhat bereft, so I always schedule the weekend off in my diary for it! It’s also situated in that great place, Shephards Bush, that is home to St Stephen’s Church and Bush Hall and loads of other venues, so I can watch as many bands as I can squeeze in.

It is also a festival which wholeheartedly supports new music and those making waves, not all acts are attached to the label, that we know of, but they all tie in so damn well.

As is so often the case with one day festivals it becomes somewhat tricky to do our picks, especially as we love and have already supported so many of these acts and don’t want to offend – and despite loving every single track that’s on our comprehensive festival playlist below, there are a few highlights we’re really looking forward to – at least that’s the plan! I could happily stay in the church all day!

Ones To Watch

Lily Moore 

We were introduced to Miss Moore last year when we saw her perform a stunning show in support of Tom Grennan at Leaf in Liverpool. She absolutely wowed back then and with even more shows under her belt now I’m just dreaming of how good she’ll be. I don’t know what venue she’s in, I’m hoping it will be the church though.

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Listen to Not That Special here:


Sea Girls

I didn’t realise it until the other day but I’ve been a fan of Sea Girls for longer than I realised, in fact they were on one of my playlists an age ago, I just didn’t pay enough attention to who it was. Which, considering what I do, is pretty shit. I am making amends now though and Popped, collectively, has now seen Sea Girls more than a handful of times. They sure know how to put their songs across and they seem to have energy in abundance. A must see.

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Listen to Eat Me Whole Here:




Close your eyes and let Cassia take you far far away. Somehwere hot and breezy with sand below your feet and sun beaming down on you. Forget your concrete jungle surroundings, just be transported to the tropical soundscape. Upbeat and fun you’ll find yourself moving and grooving before you even realise it.

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Listen to  Sink here:



Stereo Honey

With heady swirls of guitars and driving percussion Stereo Honey are bringers of drama. It’s the vocal too, that falsetto is astonishing and, quite frankly, dreamy. My favourite track of theirs is still the first one I heard, The Heart and I can’t wait to see it performed live, because I’ve not yet seen them. Such high hopes for them, but I have a sneaky feeling that they’ll be spot on.

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Listen to What Makes A Man here:














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