Live Review: Tom Grennan – Liverpool

Tom Grennan

20th October, o2 Academy,  Liverpool

Words: Elena Katrina
Photos: Gary Lambert

C64F650E-3CDD-4596-B5E2-DA53D8FEE491Anticipation hung so thick in the air and let’s be honest when it comes to the o2 Liverpool there’s very little air to be had. Stepping onto the stage to open up the night’s proceedings was our very own Zuzu  – from just over the water from the Wirral, Zuzu cuts a small and unassuming figure on your day to day but tonight she was 10 foot tall and gave the performance of her career so far. I’ve watched this young lady bring it time and time again for a number of years now and she hasn’t changed one iota. She’s hot on the lips of many a music fan and for good reason. Sure, she swears like a trooper, she has super smart lyrics, interesting hooks and an attitude that you can really get behind. Kick-ass. My favourite track will probably always be Get Off but new single Dark Blue is pulling at my ears for some equal loving. You need to see her live, she’s got it all.



For a total change in scene and sound, Tom Grennan invited Elli Ingram to tour – and what a musical treat she was. A shimmering collection of sounds, textures, personality and wonderfully penned tunes that mixed urban beats, a thumping hold- no-prisoners attitude and jazz. Elli has a timeless jazz vocal which she uses so perfectly to blend acorss the genres. There were young girls next to me who started off turning their noses up and rolling their eyes as if to say “who the hell IS this” who by the end were totally wrapped around her little finger. I’ve never seen such a turn around before. I couldn’t stand still, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, some people are just meant to be on a stage and it’s clear as day to me that Elli Ingram is one of them. Her “cheesy” track Rockets was stunning and she almost does it a disservice in saying it’s anything other an amazing track. New fans were found with this performance, fact.


Elli Ingram

Tom Grennan. Where the hell to begin? It’s clear to see on this site that we’ve super fans, Team Grennan all the way. He came out onto the stage to a deafening scream (the crowd, not his) and began with a raw and emotive performance of Sweet Hallelujia before being joined by his band and giving every inch of energy he had. Over the hour plus that he played for you’d have been hard pressed to have found anyone who covered as much of the stage – someone stick a tracker on that man, I bet he more than does his 10,000 steps during his set alone.


Tom Grennan

The o2 Academy in Liverpool is notorious for being something of a sweatbox and ever honest, Tom lets us all know that the sweat is falling from the ceiling – it’s really not a gig in there if there’s no sweat from the ceiling. I’ve seen Tom perform many a time from festivals to headline shows and every time he knocks it out the park, not just that though – he gets better. I’ve not really seen anything like it. He’s confident but without coming across as a cocky so n so, he’s happy, like… really happy to be bouncing around singing, playing guitar. Every time he sees someone take a video he comes over to wave down the phone – he’s super aware, super engaged and so present.

Halfway through the set Tom asks the crowd for silence so he can perform Run In The Rain acoustically. He tells the Liverpool crowd that he knows they want to sing along, why wouldn’t they, before chuckling to himself. But then he half sighs and explains he really wants us to connect with the emotion in the song. He’s got a point – these large shows, they really are hard to connect emotions sometimes. His show last year at Leaf, pre-album release, was a venue where he could connect on a better level, but this is all getting past that now  – you’ll be hard-pressed soon enough to catch him anywhere other than arenas and large shows. I digress…. have you ever tried to get a rowdy crowd in Liverpool to be quiet on a Saturday night? no? me either …. dunno why he tried. Even the girl next to me refused to do as her idol asked and sang loudly (and flatly) down my ear the entire song.

Going back to the engagement with the crowd … if you went to the bar at the wrong time during Found What I’ve Been Looking For, and came back to an empty stage but the singing still going strong, it was because Tom had decided he didn’t want to be stared at by the crowd, he wanted to BE the crowd, to be at one, get personal and that he so surely did.

At one point during the show there were chants of Bedford “I don’t wanna fucking know about Bedford” he yelled back… “I wanna know about Liverpool!”… what. a. dude. Later adding “I’m not going anywhere Liverpool, you’re like a family to me now” before plunging into Something In The Water.

It’s been a pleasure to witness a part of the journey of this talented young man. A young man who knows how to ensure his fans have the vest best of him and who always has time for his fans. He’s going to be a megastar you know – he has all he needs.

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