Live Review: King Nun, Valeras, and The Cascaders

King Nun, Valeras and The Cascaders

Sound Food and Drink, Liverpool, 14th November 2018

Words and Photography: Gary Lambert

King Nun

Wednesday night in the basement of Sound on Duke Street saw King Nun playing only their second ever headline set, and, on behalf of Popped Music, I was happily sent along.

Upon walking into the room, three things hit me as The Cascaders had just started. Firstly, it was loud in there, like Spinal Tap loud. Secondly, The Cascaders have the tallest frontman I’ve seen in years. Thirdly, I’ve never been to a gig with such a female-to-male ratio. Seriously! If new guitars are being bought on a 50/50 split, well this audience must have been 80/20 split in favour of the young women.

The Cascaders were the local support for the night and as I had not heard them before, I expected to be on the receiving end of some fairly standard indie music of a band learning their craft. Instead, I was treated to a set of inspired dreampop mixing effects-laden layered vocals with swirling, misty guitars and some catastrophically powerful riff work. It was embarrassing how wrong I was. But I’ll take such embarrassment every day of the week if I get to listen to a band as exciting as The Cascaders.


Now there was a noticeable level of excitement when Valeras took the the stage from both the fans and the band. There was good reason for the excitement from the five piece at the front as their new single, Intentions, was getting played that night on Radio One on Jack Saunders’ show.

The band were electric and energetic with each song being performed amidst a whirlwind of hair and guitar. The band were happy to dedicate the performance of ‘Intentions’ to their Liverpool fan base as the song had been recorded in the city. It definitely came home that’s for sure.

Valeras are the kind of rock band too who will make you forget about keeping track of the setlist as you focus on throwing some shapes at the back of the room.

King Nun had recently played in Liverpool as a support act for Pale Waves, but whereas last time they were first up, this gig was theirs. The responsibility of headlining can be daunting for some acts, but King Nun were ready to take this. It was good to see them take on an understanding of the extra required for a headline tour as lead singer Theo admitted they had added an extra song into the set in order to make the set longer which had had very little rehearsal. You could not tell.

King Nun

At some stage in the future, King Nun are planning to release ‘Personality’ as a single. It was a true highlight of the set, but they admitted that the song was not included in the set for reasons of promotion but rather because they loved playing it as a band. The mix of punk, indie, and a distinctive, yelping vocal made the thirty or so minutes they were on stage fly by.

As things reached a crescendo in their set, the band members seemed to forget they were anything other than fans of King Nun as they crashed into each other, jumped around, screamed and destroyed their clothing. It was so enjoyable.

In fact, I was able to tell Theo how enjoyable it was as he had delayed his promise to meet the fans at the merch desk in order to sneak outside to get his breath and thoughts together after a great show. If this is their second headline show, it could get scarily good once King Nun truly get into their stride.

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