Live Review: Indigo Velvet – Tynemouth

Indigo Velvet

Tynemouth Surf Cafe, 16th February 2019

Words: Sammy Sadler
Photography: Callum Robinson

Indigo Velvet

One thing I’ll admit that I’ve said quite a lot recently is the line “this is one of the best gigs I’ve seen in a while.” I don’t even say that lightly, I’ve just been to some fantastic gigs at the minute that it’s been really hard to choose a favourite.

But all cards on the table, I think my favourite so far has been catching Indigo Velvet at Surf Cafe. As well as busting out some serious dance moves in the little space I had, which rarely goes beyond the polite sway and head bobbing unless I’ve had a few pints, everything about the gig was what made me fall in love with live music in the first place. Unbelievable tunes with anthemic choruses played in an intimate venue where you’re practically on top of the band – this night had it all. I felt like a giddy school girl again and at the age of 26, I’m not even ashamed.

So without further ado, let’s get into the review shall we?


First support act was Whitley Bay outfit Mayfare and their excitable indie-pop. I’ve caught these guys before supporting my faves DEEP.SLEEP and they were great then but they really did come into their own at the Surf Cafe.

Tracks such as the banger ‘Petty Thoughts’ made an appearance with its swayable soundscapes and romantic synths and the catchy ‘Better Days’ had everyone at the front singing along.

The second support act came from The Pasolas, who I can only describe as the Toon’s answer to a band version of Paolo Nutini.

The Pasolas

Frontman Harry Hands’ distinct croon glided through singles such as ‘Carboot’ and ‘Tortured’ and the whole set offered a chilled respite from the boisterous Mayfare and the jangly carnage set to come from Indigo Velvet. The Pasolas are one of those bands that you could easily get lost in their music without even realising and they are incredibly humble.

With the packed audience suitably warmed up, it was time for Indigo Velvet to start. Greeted with whoops of delight (not just from me I swear) the Scottish outfit looked right at home surrounded by excitable crowd.

I interviewed Indigo Velvet ahead of their tour for Popped a couple of weeks ago now and you could tell they were buzzing for the show before they even arrived which really did show in their live performance. The quartet’s lively tunes are infectious, each riff commands to be danced to and each lyric just rolls off the tongue.

Indigo Velvet

It was impossible to stand still when tracks such as feel-good anthems ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Mona’ blared out summery beats comprised of energetic riffs, shimmering percussions and passionate vocals from frontman Darren.
Latest single ‘Nineteen’ had me grabbing strangers to sway along with to the teenage dream love song. I’ve had this on repeat since it was released and I’m not even ashamed – it’s the perfect car song so get it on your driving playlist.

It sounds cheesy to say but this really was just everything you want from a gig. I’ve been to too many gigs recently where the band are so far away – give me more like this!!

Special shout out to Off Axis Newcastle, Pillar Artists and Surf Cafe for putting this on, I already can’t wait for the next.

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