Live Review: Bang Bang Romeo, Liverpool,

Bang Bang Romeo

18 February 2018, Phase One, Liverpool
Words and Photos: Gary Lambert

When the days are warmer and longer, Bang Bang Romeo will be embarking on what we all hope will be a life and career changing tour with global superstar Pink. But for now, the Sheffield three-piece are quite content to be ripping up small venues in cities all over the country.

The first night of the Wicked Souls tour was at Liverpool’s Phase One venue and luckily Popped Music was there to watch – and to tell you that you need to get to whatever gig they are playing near to you because they are simply brilliant and it won’t be long before the security barriers and photo pits are bigger than the rooms they are currently headlining. You’re going to lie and say that you saw them on this tour anyway, so make sure you go to it.


The first act was Liverpool chanteuse Luna. Usually playing as part of a three-piece, this night saw the two members of her band unable to take part in the gig so up stepped her MacBook and confidence to take their place. Luna has a gorgeous vocal which suits the hip dreamy sounds that she orchestrates, and if you had never seen her before you would not think that this gig was any different to every other time she has performed. It was smooth yet intense like a coffee that Starbucks can only dream of brewing.

The second support act was the geographically-challenging Young Monarch. Seemingly connected to Jersey, London, and Manchester the band’s mileage is proportionate to their talent. The five piece were loud, tight, and got the whole room neatly in the palm of their hand. Bang Bang Romeo had handpicked Young Monarch to play this support slot, and it was a great call. The band have an easy nature on stage and with dream-pop tracks like Genetics and Strangers, they are going to be gathering friends at a fine rate.

Young Monarch

Bang Bang Romeo are a special band who are going to go places and make you talk about the days you saw them in rooms rather than arenas. A whole lot of my reasoning behind that goes to Anastasia Walker. This wonderfully northern lass is a star. She demands rather than craves attention – and everybody in earshot supplies the attention. However you could have a great voice, but if you don’t give people entertainment then you’ll end up a footnote. You cannot take your eyes off her as she prowls the stage, and later on the crowd, with a swagger that is both intimidating and uplifting.

Bang Bang Romeo

On record, my succinct thoughts on Bang Bang Romeo have been along the lines of “it’s like Adele in an indie band” – which is a bit of a dream of mine as generally I love her voice but hate the songs it is used on. Live though, I was taken to think more of Kim Carnes’ classic Bette Davis Eyes remixed to entertain people who drink sambuca in sticky floored clubs singing along to Arctic Monkeys at 3am. Namely, people like me. The aggressive out-and-out banger that is Shame On You was the standout moment musically as it maximises the pleasure, passion and purpose of Bang Bang Romeo’s musical arsenal. It is the textured, orchestral, grand music in such a simple setup which I believe sets Bang Bang Romeo up to be potentially a great band given enough time and the right luck and audiences. Those who are watching Pink this summer are in for a treat as you know this group will not leave anything in the tank at a gig.

Bang Bang Romeo, the latest band from Sheffield ready to rule our hearts and airwaves.

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