Live Review: INmusic Festival Slot Final

INmusic Festival, The Cavern, Liverpool 24 March 2019

Words and Photos by Gary Lambert

“How can someone win when winning means that someone loses” Scatman’s World by Scatman John 1995. It was an honour for Popped Music to be invited along to judge the six finalists to win a slot on the main stage at INmusic Festival in Croatia this summer, but after the result was announced, it was absolutely heartbreaking to see how disappointed the other bands were when their name wasn’t called out. In light of that, I’m not going to mention in this article as to which band won, and the bands are in order that they played on the night.

A Void

I’ll hold my hands up now and say I knew nothing of A Void before they took to the stage. The Parisian-Londoner trio looked supremely cool, and I was preparing for moody minimalism. I could not have been so wrong as they went wild as a three piece rock and more rock act. They absolutely tore into The Cavern as though every brick in the building was at war with them. She Threw Her Baby From The Seventh Floor seemed to be a terribly dark tale for a tune, but what a tune! It could easily have fit in on Nirvana’s In Utero – which is all you need to know about the quality of this act.

Jack Perrett

Like Tom Walker, Sam Fender and a whole host of bang on trend artists at the moment, Jack Perrett is both solo artist and band. Obviously a talented musician, Jack seems to right now be stepping along a thin line between a bigger band sound and lo-fi bedroom indie rock. The ability to go one side or the other shows the musical skills that Jack and his band have. Oh and Like A Fever is a dirty, heavy nasty piece of Newport rock n roll that’s going to you on the tips of your toes or the edge of your seat.

Dirty Laces

Short of having two brothers exchanging snide yet loving glances at the front of the stage, Dirty Laces have really managed to grab the qualities that made watching Oasis so exciting as they create a blistering wall of sound. The sharp fuzz of guitar is almost feral and their singer seems to treat every note like an interloper sneaking into their territory from the wrong side of town that needs to be chased away. Check out Moving Pictures for a glimpse into what this band has in the locker. It’s going to be bringing a smile to your face.

Young Garbo

This Cardiff band seemed to work on the basis of the band being allowed to focus on the funky complex rhythms that make you stop what you’re doing in order to take it all in, whilst their lead singer does everything humanly possible to keep your attention on him. It is a bit like a magic show in that regard. A magic show soundtracked by Happy Mondays probably. In Faustus too, Young Garbo have a tune that can stick in your ear for ages.

The K’s

Confidence is a massive thing for bands, and in a contest like this to play a new song rather than a tried and tested favourite is a very risky tactic, but The K’s understand each other and are a tightly regimented outfit. You get the feeling watching them perform that they could do it blindfolded and not trip up over each other on stage. I’m not sure that a song titled Sarajevo would be the best to win hearts and minds at a competition to win a trip to Croatia, but it’s the kind of track that stands out when performed with a well meaning snarl.


As we all know, gigs are not just about high quality music, but also presentation and entertainment, and using the big screen backdrop to play videos of hundreds of rats scurrying about is definitely a way to make everybody stop what they are doing and get ready. And everybody needs to get ready for Rats as they’re coming up fast with their high speed indie rock whether you like it or not. The highlight of their set too was some amazing guitar playing which will win them fans who don’t want to sing along to songs like Figure It Out.

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