Album Spotlight: Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

Sam Fender – Hypersonic Missiles

Release date: 9th August 2019

Words: Sammy Sadler and Elena Katrina

Today Sam Fender announces his debut album, Hypersonic Missiles is to be released this Summer. We caught up with him to delve a little deeper into his thoughts on its release; how much input he had into the track listing, how he found recording it and if any of it is reflective of his North East roots.

SS: Was there much of a difference in the recording process between your album and your earlier singles?

SF: “When I know a studio is going to cost a couple of thousand quid a day, it just instantly puts gnarly pressure on me and I get red light syndrome. I used to have to do all my vocals in my mam’s flat when I was recording early songs. So then to conquer that, I had to basically make that more professional.

“So I’ve always done the vocals at home but then obviously we build a studio and that has that similar feel, it’s kind of like home so I can do the vocals in my studio but anywhere else I just panic.

SS: Have you kept anything on the album that reflects your NE roots?

SF: “There’s a song on [the LP] which is essentially just about my growing up when I was a kid, called The Borders, which, is quite a personal one. It’s definitely got snapshots of some of my life when I was a kid on there.”

SS: How much input did you have with the tracklisting for Hypersonic Missiles?

SF: “I think if I had my way fully, I probably wouldn’t have had a few tracks on there… just because they’re really old. [Ones] that I wrote when I was 19, so they’re a bit more poppy and a bit more embryonic. But, this album’s a debut – it’s a snapshot of the last five years. It starts where I am now and veers off almost into the past, which is kind of like a timeline of the last five years with all the tunes.

“It’s pretty gnarly, the first sort of six tracks are a bit more sonically cohesive and then the second half is like all the older songs. It’s cool man, you can see the progression.

SS: Were there any challenges while working on the album?

SF: “Things like sitting finding the guitar tones and settings, like the sound design of it was pretty tough. We’ve done a lot of synths and undercurrents and things like finding the right sounds in the synths wasn’t easy, it took a while. But I mean, the more you can tell you put into it, the more you get out of it I suppose.”

SS: What else are you hoping will come from the album?

SF: “I’m hoping this album paves the way for us to do many more albums. I want this to be like an introduction and hopefully, you can hear where I’m going to go.

“The first couple of tracks on the album, you can hear where I want to go and the sound I want to go with. Like, Hypersonic Missiles, The Borders, White Privilege, You’re Not The Only One, them songs are where I think I’m at sonically in my head. Whereas the songs like Call Me Lover, for instance, are very embryonic, I wrote them when I was 19. It’s kind of not what I’m about now but it’s a good song nonetheless.”

Hypersonic Missiles Tracklisting

  1. Hypersonic Missiles
  2. The Borders
  3. White Privilege
  4. Dead Boys
  5. You’re Not The Only One
  6. Play God
  7. That Sound
  8. Saturday
  9. Will We Talk In The Morning
  10. Two People
  11. Call Me Lover
  12. Leave Fast
  13. Use (live)
Listen to the title track Hypersonic Missiles:


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