Festival Preview: Live At Leeds 2019

Live At Leeds

Various venues Leeds City Centre

4th May 2019

Tickets on sale here.

Words: Elena Katrina and Sammy Sadler

There’s something about this first weekend in May that seems to make people in the North want to put on festivals. There’s at least four that we’re trying to split ourselves across this year and Live At Leeds is an absolute MUST. With a line up that reads a little bit like our ultimate wish list of new and bigger bands it’s a dream for us to make our return this year to catch up with friends and make some new discoveries. With so many bands on the bill, there’s plenty of choice for everyone. Read on for our top picks at this year’s Live At Leeds (even doing this was hard!).

Ones to watch:

Elena’s Picks

The Mysterines

There is always some level of debate about where that voice comes from…. I’m sure it’s Lia’s but some people can’t believe it. Well you’d better believe it because it’s something ELSE. With a darkness that punches through, this three-piece have impressed me since their early teenage years and have only further proved themselves with their single releases since. Big things to come for these, I know it.

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Listen to The Mysterines here:

The Golden Age Of TV

Leeds based The Golden Age of TV came to my attention with their single Dust … a short hop and a skip later and we booked them to play for Popped Presents in 2018. We’ve not seen them since so we 100% have to have them on our ones to watch list. Summery melodies and sweet sweet vocals with an ability to weave a catchy chorus these are a pure indie pop band and we love them.

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Listen to The Golden Age of TV here:

Another Sky

I got introduced to Another Sky out at SXSW and didn’t actually get to see them play. That pleasure happened when I returned and saw a somewhat impressive set from them for Annie Mac Presents … in an old working mans club no less. Random. I wasn’t at all sure in advance how the vocals would translate but holy cow those dusky tones hit deep. Their guitarist also shreds as though he is on fire .. and for those reasons alone they’re in our ones to watch.

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Listen to Another Sky here:
Sammy’s picks

Ed The Dog

I first discovered Ed The Dog when I reviewed his debut album Shame last year and I couldn’t get enough of his retro-style melodies which almost borders on Weezer influences. Poppy soundscapes and indie undertones with boisterous guitars, I reckon this guy is going to sound so good live and I can’t wait.

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Listen to Ed The Dog here:


I LOVE Pizzagirl. So much so that I get really giddy whenever I get a new track from him in my inbox, his tracks are infectious and I’ve heard amazing things about his live performances. The first track I heard from the Liverpool-based artist was the delicate Seabirds and the 80s swirling loops had me hooked. Each track from Pizzagirl, in my opinion, is exceptional and oozes with nostalgic disco-pop that you can’t help but get addicted to. Don’t miss this guy, I’ll see you down the front.

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Listen to Pizzagirl below:


I’ve noticed quite a lot of love for Spinn of late and I’m ashamed that I’m yet to see them live so I’m really excited about this. The right amount of dream-pop with twinkling hooks and sparkling loops, these guys are a lot of fun and their infectious melodies are sure to bring the sunshine out in Leeds.

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Listen to Spinn below:

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